I'm done being treated like this

There is so much stuff I want to share right now, but I’m scared. I want to tell my dad how much I miss him when he goes to work, I want to tell my best friend about what my mom did to me, I want to tell people what goes on in my head, but I can’t. With the way everyone else treats me, I don’t even know if I should trust anyone else. I trust one person, that’s it. I hope I’m not wrong about him either. Everyone just thinks it’s okay to treat me like I’m an object, I barely know you, please, just stop. I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I would really like it to stop, please. I’m done being treated like dirt, As far as I know, I’m human, unless that is proven wrong, all I want is to have someone that cares. I don’t need you being mad at me because I’m a little bit smarter, I don’t need you to make things up to get me in trouble, I don’t need you treating me like you own me when I barely know you. Why you chose me to be the victim of your stupidity, is far beyond my knowledge, but it needs to stop. I’m not asking anymore. I’m sick of it.


Hey friend, thank you for reaching out.

I know how hard it is to trust others when all people does is to treat us like we’re disposable. You come to a point where you get really cold and you seem unable to give faith to anyone anymore.
I believe you should look for a close friend to speak about these things with: if you don’t feel sure enough, do it anyway, just don’t say anything you have to say. Sometimes (especially at first) it’s better to keep some things for ourselves.

Als o remember that if you love someone, don’t miss the chance to tell them.

Love you

Thank you so much for reaching out. This is a safe space and please don’t ever be afraid to reach out. You deserve to be treated the right way. You are worthy of love and happiness. And anyone who thinks differently can go screw themselves. I hope that one day you will be able to express what you need and find people around you who you can trust.