Im done trying

I don’t want friends anymore, it doesn’t matter if im alone. It doesn’t matter if i end up with no future. My head is tired, my heart is tired. It feels like im not meant to be alive. Im just not good enough

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Hi @Amaris - You sound so tired, thank you for sharing here and using your energy to tell us your story. Being tired and feeling isolated doesn’t make you worthless, or unworthy. You deserve to be alive, and even though you might not know your purpose right now, in my experience everyone’s purpose is discovered at different times, and sometimes it even changes! I admire some really great people, and they changed direction 2 or 3 times in their life before they got to where they are, and might even do so again! Even though it feels like you don’t have a future now, I don’t like a future without you. You deserve that chance, to see your potential. I hope you reconsider.

Thank you so much for posting here. There is so much to feel exhausted and worn out by, and none of it cancels out your own personal story and experience.

I appreciate being allowed to be a part of your story today, hang in there, you matter.

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