I'm Extremely Stressed and Don't Know what to Do

I’m currently in high school and everything around me seems so stressful. I’m taking all of my core classes, with three electives, am currently taking a college class at my local college, and taking private piano lessons. All of these things are stressing me out so much, and I don’t know what to do. I want to drop my college class, but I’m afraid that it will hurt me in the future. I can’t drop any of my high school classes because this will most definitely hurt me in the future. I can’t drop my private piano lessons because it will hurt me in the future. I can’t drop my electives because this will hurt others more than it will hurt me. I’ve been trying to balance everything, but I can’t, and now it is my college’s midterms, next week will be a week of test in my high schools, and my private piano will have their first test, and I am on the brink of exploding and doing something terrible. Everyday feels so painful and mediocre that I find it hard to continue to live. I want to do something about this, but I don’t know what to do. I just need answers.

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Hey @duckduck,

First off, it’s truly amazing to have projects and be commited to your classes. Congratulations for cultivating your curiosity and your willingness to create the future you desire. Though it’s also very brave of you to sit down a little and admit that something needs to be changed in the way your life is organized right now. It sounds to me that you are burning out and need to set new priorities - which you started to do by listing your commitments and thinking about what could happen if you cut off one of them.

It sounds like you’re about to make choices between all of this, for the sake of your well being and your mental health. Which is really good and healthy. You’re on the right path. Because ultimately, not of those things is worth to feel mediocre and even lose your desire to live. Those things you mentioned are important, but they don’t have to be learned at your own expense. Sometimes we are very passionate and want to do so many things, but we’re only humans and we need to set some priorities too. Our time is limited, our energy too. You deserve to rest and cultivate self-care as much as reaching your goals and being commited to your dreams. Now, it’s a matter of finding the right balance.

If I was in your situation right now, I’d try to reduce the amount of commitments that I have. Oftentimes we feel like we have to do everything right now while some things can be done or learned at a different time, when we’d be more available. You can list the things you’re doing or want to do, and set them whether they are a priority or not. Are there classes you could put aside and try next year? Are piano lessons something you could try at a different time as well? Or is there a possibility to reduce the amount of time you spend for some of those things each week? When you ask yourself those questions, think about what you want and your capacities, but get rid of what others might think about your decisions - it doesn’t have to interfere with your well-being. You know yourself enough to say when you’re close to reach your own limits.

It might feel like you’re stuck with all of these responsabilities, but you’re not. It’s okay to follow a different path, make some adjustments in your life that will allow you to pursue your dreams in a way that would be still healthy to you. Burning yourself out will always be counterproductive, as you also need rest in order to do what you want. Trust your intuition friend. From what I see through your message, it’s guiding you to something better and healthier for yourself. Even though it’s a bit scary sometimes to reconsider our options and decisions, it’s also a mark of strength and a way to take care of yourself. Your health and your well-being matters. :hrtlegolove:

I feel the exact same as you. I have a lot of things going on during highschool and I am struggling with depression. I feel like I could drop it all and leave it behind but I know I will regret it in the future. Stay strong! We’ll get through this soon ! :slight_smile:

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