I'm fed up with discrimination

I wanted to share an experience I had this evening in Thousand Oaks today. I had ordered some tickets online like a month an advance for a cultural event where there were some guest speakers that were going to speak on some recent architectural discoveries. I arrived and there was some misunderstanding with the day that I was supposed to have gone was yesterday but I came today instead but it was a two day event so the former president and former vice president of the center said don’t worry we’ll take care of it so I followed them to the center where I was going to attend they even had my name tag and everything no problem there was a lady there that was asking me and my mother for my faculty ID and credentials I said I wasn’t a member of the faculty but a guest that ordered tickets for the event like she didn’t want me there the president and vice president explained that there was a mix up with the day but I had already paid for everything in advance so the other lady said okay whatever then when I was speaking with another gentleman who happened to be the director of communications who was very nice and friendly towards me and my mother I noticed another man looking me like why Am I doing there bit I didn’t say anything. When it came to have dinner there was a couple and a professor who sat next to us and inquired about us so I had mentioned I was interested in the speech the professors had on the architectural discoveries and she asked what I did I said I’m the leader of a Hispanic advocacy organization and I had mentioned I was in a meeting with the Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon and met with other federal prosecutors to discuss mass incarceration of Hispanic Males and the lack of due process many Hispanic people get in the system and the need to reform it like they were in awe that a Hispanic person could not only be educated but have meetings with politicians and public figures. I was disgusted by the racist and xenophobic attitude these people had towards me and the behavior of some of the members there had it’s like they don’t want Hispanics to be equal to them because they don’t like it and it makes them feel uncomfortable. The elite establishment there has a serious problem with Hispanics who are equal to them in education, status and intelligence and they get very uneasy universities claim they are liberal and open to diversity but they are not it’s a facade and it was the first time I felt discriminated against for being educated and Hispanic among highly educated elite.


Hey there, @ranma1983

Firstly, I’m sorry to hear of the awful experience you had at the event in Thousand Oaks. Speaking as someone from a marginalised group, it’s incredibly frustrating when we encounter such misunderstanding and blatant discrimination. This hurts even more when make the effort to even turn up to the event in the first place. It’s clear that you were enthusiastic about all that the event had to offer, but that soon flattened when you were met with skepticism and unwanted judgement.

Events, regardless of the type should be welcoming and inclusive to anybody who wants to attend. They shouldn’t be spaces where people feel targeted and marginalised more than they already are in daily life. Instead of being celebrated for your accomplishments and contributions, you were met with disbelief and judgment solely based on your ethnic background. Your dedication to advocacy and wider societal issues is incredibly important. It’s just so disappointing that some individuals couldn’t see past their own biases to appreciate your presence and perspective.

The only way we can deal with issues like racism and xenophobia is to confront and addrsss them head on, even more so in spaces and places that claim to promote equality and diversity. Sadly, your experience will hit home for many people from marginalised groups as it reveals that we as society are still nowhere close to being inclusive. I too have been frustrated and disgusted at the racism and xenophobia that goes on in this world, so your feelings are 100% valid. You deserve dignity and respect.

Your voice and your presence matter! Please don’t give up fighting for your right to be heard :people_hugging:


Hi, @ranma1983.
I’m sorry you encountered such bias. It is something that bothers me when I see it going on in daily life. I’m glad you are doing things to make a difference. On a personal level, I try to stand up for injustices when I am in close proximity to it. Doing that puts me in the group of the person that is being picked on, but I don’t care about that. I would rather be affiliated with any group that is just living and doing their best and not belittling other people. Thanks for all you do.


It’s frustrating when you develop your own journey and fight for your rights, yet keep being reflected a perception of you that would be based on stigmas, rejection and a look of disdain. You know yourself well, and you know all the obstacles you’ve had to overcome in order to reach your goals. Thinking about the sweat and efforts it took is brutal when it’s met with such bias. It’s like no matter how much you try there would be an identity defined for you, and you would keep being pushed into this very perception. Anything else that doesn’t match or doesn’t fit would immediately appear to be suspect, strange, unusual.

It’s unfortunate that this kind of reaction still happens so spontaneously. Thankfully though not everyone is like this and there’s lots of people in this world who work actively on changing things, bringing more education and reducing stigma. It’s a slow work but to change people’s perceptions and help them extend their mindset rather than closing in more. You are on this path yourself, so keep it up friend. And may this type of interactions be a lot more anecdotal in the future, if not inexistant. :hrtlegolove:

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Thank you that means a lot.

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Sometimes when you’re successful people want to bring you down two weeks ago I had to cut off the ex wife and cousin of the individual that catfished me years ago because even though I felt sorry for the children of the catfisher I started to see something wasn’t right especially when they would only contact me when they needed money from me but I had to cut them off because it was becoming abusive. A few days ago I got a random message from someone who claimed to be the sister of the cousin of the catfisher and he asked me something that was very disgusting which I won’t mention but I was disgusted with how low people will go to extort and scam people out of their money its beyond me I did a lot for these people and not only they didn’t appreciate it but they wanted to entangle me in someway and I didn’t appreciate it they’re sick sociopaths who lack empathy and don’t care to exploit others. It’s been a very trying learning experience.