Im finally able to take my medacine consisntly after 6 years

I havent been able to take pills consisintly for 6 years now due to a truma related incident and health issues id try to take a pill but then I would throw it up this affected my mental health, school, and overall health i tried every method you name it ive tried it trying to take it with food, eating food before, eating food after, drinking water with my medacine, tilting my head, ect it was on and off really sometimes i could take it sometimes i couldn’t but never consisntly that the medacine helped me

Though now my phsycratist suggested medacine in the form of a patch that gose trough my skin and i started it 2 weeks ago its the first time in 6 years that ive been able to have medacine daily and consisntly without having to throw up every day. My parents have seen how its helping me they say they see a really good change in me since ive been able to start this patch form medacine. We are seeing if I can get it in the forms of my other medicines to but i just wanted to share this mile stone with someone its a big deal for me. :slight_smile:

I just have to rember to put the patch on everyday lol but if i make it a routine and set reminders on my phone i can remeber to put it on every day



wow you must be so so happy to have come out of the other end of struggling with this to find something that really works for you! I am so stoked for you and so grateful that you chose to share that huge moment with us. I’m ready to get the party poppers into action for you!


So glad to hear that, friend!

I’m hoping for the best for you and that they can get your medications corrected in a way that you can comfortably and properly take them :slight_smile: im glad to hear that you’ve managed to be taking them easy peasy so far, especially with the past six years being hard for you!

Keep up the good work! :heart:


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hey josie,

i’m so glad the patches are working and helping you stay on routine with your medications! i understand 100% on how this is a huge victory and accomplishment. there were a few years where i couldn’t take capsule pills without throwing up following rough health issues as well. i get you. so knowing that you can find benefit in these patches has me celebrating alongside you because i know how hard it can be trying to find something that works. congratulations on this incredible progress, josie!!!



This is such an AMAZING POST!! confetti canon

6 years is such a long journey, and I am soo happy to hear that you have now a method that works so well for you! that is awesome! Thank you for sharing here with us, this brought such a smile to my face when I read it!

I’m glad that your parents too sound supportive, and I hope this leads to more breakthroughs for you! Do let us know how it goes. So wonderful! Thanks for sharing, and I am sure that this will offer some encouragement and motivations to others to keep trying and hope for a breakthrough as well!


That is so awesome, and exciting.
To be able to consistently take some of your medication must feel great! I hope you continue to find new and exciting ways to grow. Keep up the Good Work!


Hi Josie, welcome to HeartSupport and thank you for sharing your experiences.

It is excellent news that you have finally found a way to take your medication successfully. I imagine that this must have relieved a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety.

It is great news that your parents are already noticing the impact of your medication. Hopefully, this will become a long-term solution for you.


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