Im going through a crisis and i feel numb

In the same week my fiance and i broke apart, then the next day im losing my place because of a toxic roomate. This friday is my birthday and all i can think about is smoking weed and drinking til i can feel. Im suffering and i think about wanting to end it all but sadly its impossible to do so because im afraid of the unknown. And even if i am gone nobody would care and that is the sad truth.

No family, no friends, work isnt good, im losing my place because of a roomate issue who owns the house.

I dont have anything to look up to and ya know, i have held on for so long. And been through so much. Still i am tired of this life and i wish i was dealt better cards of life. Ive grown up poor and just a lot of things have taught me many things along the way to be honest.


From: ManekiNeko

welcome back, goldennuggs! I’m so sorry things have been heading down for you. It’s so devastating when we feel so alone and isolated in our burdens. I hope you know that your life has immeasurable worth. It may not feel like it and it may even feel that there’s evidence against that, but I assure you that you are so loved.

I’d love to encourage you to reach out and talk to somebody, because I can see that there is an appeal to self medicating to either feel numb or feel something other than the despair around you. It’s a dark path. One that I would hate for you to dive deeper into. You don’t deserve to have to travel that path. Hopefully I can link some crisis resources for you to look at. You’re not alone x

Here are some resources put together that I hope you take time to look through and feel encouraged by

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