I'm going to be stuck here forever

Hey everyone, I’m really struggling right now.

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to get a new job that would allow me to move in with family. Currently, I live alone and family is at minimum an hour away in any direction. For anyone who doesn’t know, I collapsed in my apartment on Monday morning and was unconscious without anyone around to help. By the grace of God I woke up on my own and managed to get myself to the hospital. Basically, I have no reliable system of support around me and getting a different job would help me actually move in with a family member.

I interviewed for a job today and I felt like it went very well, I honestly tried thinking of an area I could’ve improved in and honestly could not think of a single one. If there was any time to bring my A-game, today was it. And I felt like I brought it.

I was informed this afternoon that I was not selected for the job.

I don’t believe it’s wise for someone with my medical condition to be without some sort of health coverage, so I’ve chosen to stay at my current job. I should be grateful that I even have a decent job, but instead I’m left with this sinking, stuck feeling. Like this is it, I’m now officially stuck here and I am going to be miserable until I finally die alone and nobody will think to look for me before it’s too late. I’ve prayed to God to give me the strength to trust in whatever his plan is for me, why does it feel like he is trying to separate me from those I love? If home is where the heart is, why can’t I go home?


I’m so sorry Adam. Yes, I remember that post. Very scary. I’m glad you’re okay but I’m sorry that job search isn’t going very well. Ugh. Job search is such a pain.

I wish I knew something that I could say or do to make this whole situation better. But I just want you to know I love you friend. You have been such a sweet friend to me and always so supportive. I wish I could better return that favor to you.

Just know that I’m only ever a message away. Okay? Seriously.

I hope something comes up and works out for you. So you can be in a better place and focus on your health


I hope you can get yourself taken care of while you have health coverage. I’ve been in sort of the same boat since I left the military. My wife and kids live in one town where my oldest is in high school (they don’t want to move). I took a better paying job 2hrs away living out of my RV. Then I took a year contract working for the military overseas where I’m at now. I look at it as just a short time while I eliminate some debt, then I’ll move back home and I don’t care what I do as long as I’m near my family. I hope it’s just a short time for you also until you find a job closer to family and that your health improves.

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That means the world to me. Thank you friend. I’m just trying to regain the composure to keep moving forward.

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Thank you for the encouragement. I’m sorry you have to be away from your family, but sounds like you’re making it work. I’m glad to hear that.

Hello my friend

I cant identify with the exact issue youre experiencing. But I will say that you are so strong. I hope this message from myself and my viewers helps to lift you up and reassure you that youre ok.