I'm going to die soon

I’ve stopped eating more or less and I’m going to take my dad’s blood thinners with a bunch of painkillers. I’m so sorry I wish I could’ve done better.

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Dear friend,

I’m so sorry you’re hurting right now and that you were thinking about taking your own life when you posted this. You are not alone, even though you’re finding yourself in a pretty dark place. You can go through this. You can push against those thoughts. This is not the end.

I know you posted different messages here already. And I don’t want you to die. Please reach out to someone so you don’t stay alone, be sure to stay safe as much as possible. The pain you are feeling right now isn’t meant to last, even if it’s really heavy for the moment.

If you’re comfortable with that, please consider calling a crisis hotline:

You can share with people who work there whatever is going on in your mind without ever being judged.

You are loved. You matter. This world would only be worst without you.

Hang in there.

hey ,
@Sakuya you doing okay friend i hope you are still alive
please use the resorcses @Micro gave you . we want you alive

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