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I'm going to end myself

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I have attempted suicide five times last year, and it’s getting progressively worse. With AP and Honor classes it’s hard not to stress, but I stress so much it’s unreal. Not to mention my OVERLY strict parents, who restrict me from leaving the house except when its for school. I’ve decided that I’m just going to end it all, for the problem would be solved. To whoever’s reading this, I love you <3.

hey @xxRespect.My.Drip.Karen ,
ending yourself/your life is NOT the right decision. You may be hurting rightnow but you deserve to have a life , you deserve to have a purpose, you deserve to have breath in your lungs. Coming from someone who attempted to end her life in 2018 (but i stopped) It isnt worth it .
Please reach out , please call a suicide prevention hotline, tell your principal, tell your school counselor how you are feeling.
You are not alone friend!
Hold Fast , You’re worth it

  • Ashley

Hey @xxRespect.My.Drip.Karen, I remember you. I remember about what you bravely shared concerning your relationship with your parents and the strong pressure weighing on your shoulders.

I see you. I am deeply aware of what’s going on in your life right on. It feels like this situation is going to last forever but I can assure you it won’t. Ending yourself is not a solution for anyone. I read you, I love you too and I don’t want you to die.

Please, reach out to someone, anyone. Call a crisis hotline.

Cry as much as you need, shout out if you want too. But don’t harm yourself. You deserve to feel better, to feel safe, to feel free of doing what you want. You matter to us and you are not alone.

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Hey @xxRespect.My.Drip.Karen,

If you read this, please keep us up to speed on how you’re doing. That would be awesome. :heart:

We care about you.
Much love. :two_hearts:

I know things are hard right now. I see it in your post. It feels like your situation is going to last forever, or at least a very long time, and that seems too difficult to live through. But, as hard as it seems (and is), you can get through this, friend. It’s not worth it to end your life over this. After this difficult period in your life, a new season will come and you will see how worth it it was to push through, persevere, and LIVE! Please do not give up. You are precious and loved. You are valuable and have so much to live for, even if your life feels restricted or difficult right now. Please hold on. Better days will come!

hey y’all i’m back. after getting notified of all the messages on this post, i decided to talk to my parents about the situation. after speaking to them, we came up with a somewhat good compromise. thank you all so so much <3

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Hey @xxRespect.My.Drip.Karen,

I’m so glad to hear that! That’s awesome.
Thank you for letting us know. :heart:

Take care of yourself, friend.