I'm gonna confess her my feelings

So, i’ve had crush on this girl since the first i lay my eyes on her, it was around 2 years ago. And all this time i didn’t like the idea of liking her, i avoided the thought, or just dished it. But deep down i knew that i liked her.

Life being as it is, played me. Around 2 months ago forced me into a situation with her, where i had to face my feeling, and so i did, i admit to myself that i liked her and everything went straight to shit but that’s another story that i actually told already in this community so it should be in my profile.

Anyway, yesterday i vented out everything with a friend, she heard me, she gave me advice, but most important, i vented, i needed it, i let out so much that after finishing i felt literally weightless.

So i came up with that maybe if speaking with her gave me such relief, maybe if i do the same with my crush i will loose this burden that i am afraid it will come around eventually.

And so i as i write this i am chatting with her, trying to set up a meeting or if that’s not possible a phone call will do it. Problem is my mind is blank, i mean, i imagined speaking with her so many times and i vented so much yesterday and now i can’t figure out what to tell her?

I will basically tell her that i’ve always had a crush on her and that i don’t expect she feels the same about me, i know she is in a good relationship rn and i am simply no match but i don’t care about that.
What i care is that this thoughts, this feeling have been eating me from the inside, and due to the recent events i’ve had to face them, and now i come here to have a closure. I could add all the pain i went trough, all the shit and hell i had to face this past weeks but not to blame her but to vent. It’s so hard, i really don’t know what i am going to say to her and i already stepped in…

I know i am not giving details about the story but i am trying to give shape to my thoughts as i write more than sharing a story.

Always Be Her Friend.
If Something More Blossoms From Your Friendship, You Both Will Be Better For It.
If Not, You Have Made A Friend For Life.
Always Do Right By Her.
And She Will See You As A True Gentleman.
If You Can Do That, Every Day, She Will See Someone Who Values Her As A Person, Not Anything Else.
Do Not Worry.
Just Be Yourself And Always Treat Her With Respect.
Remember, Love Is Not Possessive, It Is Respectful.
:love_you_gesture: Hugz!

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Hear you.
I truly care for her.
For example, a few weeks ago, she was horribly mad at me, she humiliated me without knowing, one part of her did blame me for screwing things up and wanted to hurt me, but i don’t think she knows how much i was hurting. Still i never disrespect her nor did anything to her, i was killing myself digging all that anger/sadness/stress and yet caring for her health, being polite, etc. It was hell, man.

What i am scared the most rn is that by venting out with her i will do bad to her, as if i am missing something that could be somehow bad for her just because i want to do this for me. As i said, i don’t mind being ‘rejected’ by her, tbh is what i expect and another outcome is something i am not prepared for lol. I plan to just be transparent with her, maybe tell her what i just shared with you. And idk, i just hope i find peace and don’t leave with any regrets.

I’ll meet her tomorrow at midday.

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I Only Other Advice Is This…
Do Not To Do It For You.
Do Not Do It For Her.
Do What You Feel Is Best For The Greater Good.
Long Term.


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