I'm grateful for HeartSupport

I’m new to this site and found it via Kitboga’s Twitch. This seems to be a forum and perhaps more moderated version of 7cups.com? I’m grateful HeartSupport exists. I wish I knew how to help improve our well-being on a large scale like this site seems to. I’ll be trying to do my part on the small scale!


Hey @antigonerex, welcome here! It’s always awesome to see people from Kit’s community. A lot of people at Heartsupport are here thanks to him, myself included. <3

Thank you so much for your willingness to help. Together we’re stronger, right? Your impact is important, whether it reaches one or a thousand people. We’re just all humans trying to support each other and do life together. Your presence is a blessing. Thank you for being here! I’m looking forward to getting to know you better! :hrtlegolove:

Awww, Kit brought you here too, and now you’re a mod! Does that mean you took the class being offered on the HeartSupport site? Or perhaps you helped found this site?

Oh no, I’ve been there for a little more than a year (+ a year of lurking, because anxious bean right here :hrtjakelul:) so I’m quite a newbie in this community. You can see a list of Staff members here, who founded this community and work for HS: https://forum.heartsupport.com/about (people you can also see on streams or the Masterclass if you’re there as well, or would like to next year!). By the way, if you have any question related to HS as a nonprofit (or this forum), you can always shoot a DM to NateTriesAgain.

Mods are members of the community who give some time to help here and there. I’ve personally received so much in this community that I just try to give a little bit of time in return. I’m currently unemployed so time is not missing right now. As you said, just doing my part on the small scale. :slight_smile:

Did you already have the opportunity to be on one of HS Twitch stream? With the different communities + cross platforms, it’s hard to know if we already know someone or not sometimes, haha.

And YES, Kit brought me here. I love what he does on Twitch and the beautiful community he’s created. So, it’s always a pleasure to see someone from the BogaFam. <3

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<3 @Micro you sound so wonderful.

I have not been on an HS Twitch stream. I have not streamed on Twitch before, though I’ve considered it briefly.

Kit is so wholesome. <3 I wish I could send him fan snail mail.

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I have not been on an HS Twitch stream.

Well, there are weekly streams on the channel. I’ll just leave here the link of the channel and the schedule - Would love to see you there if one day you want to hang out with the rest of the community! No pressure though, it’s just an open door.

I wish I could send him fan snail mail.

Yea, I understand that. Maybe you can just take a picture of it and upload it on Discord? It’s not the same as a physical gift, but it’s still the intention behind that matters. :hrtlegolove:

Have a nice day. <3

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Welcome on board my friend Heartsupport has helped me through very difficult times and it was through Tim Debasis of As I Lay Dying I came across this site. I have a few of the Heartsupports books. I wish you the best.

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I think I’m confused: when you ask if I’ve been on a Twitch stream, are you saying as a viewer, like typing in the chat box with others, or like as a streamer?

Non-sequitur, do you know what the :hrtlegolove: emoji name means? hrtlegolove?

May you enjoy your day too :heart:

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Glad to hear heartsupport has helped you out. We deserve support! It’s also lovely to hear you’ve got some of their books! :books: :heart:

Oh right, there was a misunderstanding, sorry! I was mentioning HeartSupport streams on Twitch. But if you decide one day to stream as well, let us know please! I’d love to check it out.

For the emote’s name, it’s the logo of HeartSupport, and the reason why there’s “lego” in it is because it’s made as if it was done with lego pieces, but it might be difficult to see it here on the forum because it’s very small. It mostly looks as if it’s pixelated. :stuck_out_tongue:

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okay! abbreviated heart, lego, and love. ah

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