I'm Having a Mental Breakdown

okay… I’m on edge right now. I really want to do something stupid but I promised not to… I’ve been really depressed today and I’m struggling to stay happy… I don’t feel loved or wanted and I really just need the biggest hug right now… I used to self harm but I’ve stopped for a while… I’m worried I might hurt myself again…



I’m glad to stopped by here. It’s a safe place to share your story. I saw you made another post as well. There’s lots going on in your life right now…

I’d give you a hug if I could. Isolation is not safe, and safe, caring physical comfort can be very calming and settling. Of course you want a hug!

If you used to self-harm you know there’s a relief of a sort from it, but it’s not a long term coping skill. Sounds like you already know that, and you know.your life issues will still be there afterward. There’s a really good book called Rewrite here on the sight. It’s in the Workbook section. You go through the menu icon to get to it. The first part is good info., the second half is workbook. If you make your way through it, let me know if it’s beneficial to you. Do you have any other supports in your life?

Others will respond to your posts with other words of encouragement. You’re loved and wanted here~

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Well, i am in therapy. it’s been a big support for me. I have friends that love me. I guess that’s a support too.


It sounds like you have a good support system. Does your therapist know about your self-harm history?

What has caused you to feel depressed and on edge? You don’t need to answer that if you don’t want to. It’s just that sometimes it helps to get really clear on what’s bothering you. Then you can ask yourself, if getting depressed or on edge is the way you should approach those problems, or might there be a better way.

Another approach is doing something to relax, like listening to really nice music, while clearing your mind, giving it a break from thinking stressful thoughts. Aerobic exercise is a pretty good antidepressant. It also improves sleep, which can make a big difference in how you approach your day.

I’m sending you the biggest hug you can imagine! Wings


Hi friend welcome my name is Josiah


Thank you! Call me Pigeon. I’m doing so much better.


Hi there Pigeon,

Welcome to the HS community and thanks for reaching out. :hrtlegolove:

In my opinion, the fact that you’re worried that you may self-harm shows that you know that it is the wrong direction for you and if you need to add more voices to that chorus, I am more than happy to add mine. Hurting yourself will give you momentary relief, but it won’t help you manage your pain. In the end, the self-harm will demand more and more of you, and I don’t want that to happen.

It sounds like you feel lonely, which is one of the worst emotions a human can feel. Loneliness is so painful; the world seems to just carry on around you blindly. You will find out being a part of this community that people will not just walk on by; people will stop, listen and give you a virtual hug (I know it’s not as good as the real thing!).

We see you friend and we’re here for you. x