Im homesick

as a few of you know, I’m currently studying abroad in Chile (originally from the US). So far its been amazing. I love my host famiy, the town is right by the ocean, its beautiful. but its only been a week and Im already homesick. I knew i was gonna get homesick but I didnt think it’d be so soon. I mostly just miss @RamJamNutslam and it’s hard being away from someone that ive spent time with almost every day for the last 2 months. i know im gonna be fine and i know ill be home before i know it, right now it just sucks and i have no one to hug.


So sorry to hear this, friend. I hope that the experiences there outweigh and distract from the homesickness. I know how hard that can be. Love you, and we’re always here to listen. <3


Hi love.

I know being home sick must be really hard especially when you are so far from loved ones. If you want, if it would help, we could exchange letters. I’d send you mail while you’re over there. To give you something to look forward to. All I have is your old address I believe so if you send me your current one, I’d do that for you. I have some international stamps. That’s up to you though. If you can’t or don’t want to, that’s okay. :heart:

I know it’s not the same as physical touching but it’s a great thing that we are in the day and age where video calling is a thing. So we can see our loved ones and talk to them (: - Hopefully that can bring a little comfort.

I’m sending you lots of love while you’re over there. Enjoy the opportunity! Embrace the places around you! So you have lots to share with your partner! :heart:

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