I'm in pain

like, actually.
my knee hurts so incredibly bad it’s hard to even walk, but my mom does not care even in the slightest. no, in fact she told me to “go away” and that concluded the conversation.

i’ve been having so many issues lately with my knees and it hurts me to know that my parents literally do not care.

whenever i mention that i just want to PLEASE see a doctor, she hardly even looks at me or she just straight up gets pissed. it fucking sucks, because without them i have genuinely no way of getting somewhere. my dad isn’t that much better, either.

it’s almost like a cruel joke and i don’t know what i did do deserve this?? it’s starting to begin to feel like mental torture, i’m not even kidding. it’s messing with me – once they ignored my complaints for weeks and when they finally brought me to a hospital, it turned out i had a fractured foot. and my mom kept saying how bad she felt but if she really did, she wouldn’t ignore me like this, would she?

“don’t tell them that it’s been this bad for a while now, or else your dad and i will look bad.”


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Hi there,
Physical pain is often related to mental pain so being messed up is completely justified. Knee pain and having a fractured foot especially limits your ability to move, which doubles down on the mental health aspect. You deserve care and attention, and it can be so frustrating to jump through hoops and work around people who invalidate you to get it. I hope the hospital helps you feel better in the future.
Here for you


From: twixremix

hey friend,

having to endure physical pain AND the feeling of neglect from your mom is an incredibly difficult thing to experience. you don’t deserve this treatment, your health and general care is a parent’s priority and to hear this is happening to you is beyond heartbreaking and infuriating. especially knowing her reaction to your fractured foot, her behavior for your knee now is confusing… i hope your parents can snap to reality soon and help find an answer for your knee because being hardly able to walk due to pain is a huge warning flag. sending you so much comfort and love, please keep your HS fam updated on how you and your knee are doing!


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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Friend, thank you for posting. I am so sorry that you are having to endure pain and suffering and no one is listening. Please tell someone at your school if you can and see if they can help you in any way, they may be able to do something to assist you. I hope someone can do something. we of course as always are here for you . Much Love Lisa. x


Hey HeresA.Gun.KillMePlease,

I am so sorry that you are going through this. Especially with parents that don’t seem to get it. You definitely don’t deserve this, and I hope with all my being that you can find the cause of that physical pain, and get the treatment you may need. I am sorry, friend.


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey again, friend! I’m so sorry you’re in so much pain. Do you think it’s just super sore or do you think you are injured? If you think its sore here is a link to a website with some knee exercises that I was given when I tore my ACL to strengthen my knee. 5 Exercises for Knee Pain: Best Bets, Getting Started, and More You may try some of them if it feels okay to do so. But please pay attention to the end of the article and what is pain that you should not feel when doing the exercises so that you do not injured yourself further. If you are feeling pain doing any of them please don’t.

Would you be able to tell your school nurse that your knee hurts? Not necessarily mentioning that your parents won’t take you to the doctor if you don’t want to risk getting them in trouble. But maybe if your parents know you told another adult they may be more willing to take you to the doctor if you really think you need to see one. Just a possibility.

I hope you feel better soon! :hrtlegolove:


I’m so sorry friend that you are having knee pain. That is so not fun. Please try to be gentle with yourself and take care to minimize the pain as best you can. Is there anyone you can talk to at school about this, the school nurse perhaps? Your physical ed teacher? I hate that you are going through this. You deserve to be heard my friend. You matter.


hi everyone!
i don’t go to school currently, so i have no one talk to, sadly. but my old school nurse kind of sucked anyway and definitely wouldn’t have done anything. i mean, she once tried to convince me i was fine and could just stay in school, after a panic attack, because i stopped crying for like 3 seconds, even though i was clearly still distressed and not doing well.

i was hoping for the pain to go away, but it persisted throughout today, but my mom completely ignored it. so there’s that.

i don’t really know what to do anymore, to be honest. i suppose i just need to wait until the pain goes away on its own, that seems to be my only option now.

my friend did give me some numbers i could call in emergency cases, but i feel like this isn’t that serious and i’m way too terrified of what my parents would do, if i did call, anyway.

Hope you are doing better today.
The sort of complicated part is that if an individual is a “minor”, and I am just assuming you fit that category; medical care can’t generally be provided without parent permission, unless it is emergency. But, if you truly need attention for knee; it is responsibility of your parents to help you access that care. So…it won’t really work to just feel they don’t care, and let it pass with you needing help. And if you feel your knee needs some medical attention that is valid. Even if you are a kid.

So what to do. As others suggested someone at school. But if that is not an option; then reach out to another adult you know; maybe a friend’s parent?

As far as concern about parents getting in trouble; I dunno; it takes strength but realize if you truly need medical care or assistance with your knee; it is important to you to get that help, right?

So, maybe? Try again to communicate to your parents as “grown up” way as you can manage at a time when you know they can attend to what you are saying. “Look, (parental units), I really need to talk to you about something, could we make time to do that?” If you need, think about how and what to say ahead of time. I guess I am saying give them a fair chance. I don’t know your parents, of course, but as an adult…we have bad moments also where maybe our behaviors are not best they could be. So maybe giving another chance is fair.

If this still doesn’t work, well, really try to reach out to some adult and see if they can help you negotiate a solution. Cause we all need someone to help us sometimes. And if a kid, sometimes that has to be another adult.

I have some joint issues, and they started as a kid. Unfortunately, even the most well meaning adults…including some doctors, don’t take such things seriously when it comes from young person. Because “we” don’t consider a kid could have such. But they do!! And I am living proof. So best wishes, and I hope this helps. It is tough and frustrating situation. And if you are in pain, you certainly don’t feel like the hassle. But we all need to help to look out for our own well being. Cause only WE know how WE really feel. :heart: