I'm in school again... TW self harm

I’m in lunch right now, and I really wanna just grab a pencil, go to the bathroom, and just scratch the shit out of my arm until it bleeds. Earlier, in 2nd period this morning, my friend since 6th grade asked me what happened to my arm. Since my parents already know about my cuts there no point in hiding them unless they’re new ones. But when he asked what happened to my arm I didn’t know what to do other than laugh and say that’s a whole different story dude. But I don’t know, I figured he’d know what I did even from the first look. Like what else could I have done to make it look that way without it being on purpose? Either way, I’m not like calling him dumb or anything, I’m just a little weirded out that he asked, he’s the first person to do so.


I just wanted to say that we love you and support you no matter what. Self harm was a daily thing for me years ago and it wasn’t easy to stop. I don’t have all the answers, but you’re not alone. Maybe your friend just didn’t know how else to open up a conversation about your scars, so asking what happened was the only thing he thought of to get you to talk about it. I know that in my case it helped to tell a couple of trusted people about what I was going through. So you could try talking about it with him? If he wasn’t interested in being supportive to you, he wouldn’t have asked about them, so maybe he could be a lot of help to you!
Hang in there.

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From: Ash (Discord)

I am so sorry you are struggling with this idea that no one has stopped to support you or shared that desire to help you. It is not easy to ever live with self harm and it is never easy to have people ask questions and than you feel uncomfortable. I know that you shared how you feel like you are stuck with having to be this person who hides this as if it is shameful but it is apart of your healing to learn to share with others and get yourself the help you need. No matter what in the end of the day your health and safety are important.

From: ThatGuy (Discord)

I think that he is trying to help. I would praise him for it! It shows that he cares about you and is wondering what you need. I feel like he probably knows what you did, I think he is just trying to figure out more of why and what he can do to help. You said that your parents know about your cuts, why not tell him? He obviously cares for you and you have known him for a long time and can trust him! It always can help to talk it out to someone, you may not feel like it is going to do anything, but it will help you keep your mind off it!

From: prryplatypus (Discord)

Jaden has really already said I was going to say, to be honest. First of all, know that you are loved and that we care about you being ok! That said, I’m sure your friend didn’t mean to make you feel bad about it or anything of that sort, and rather he was simply worried about you, which -I think- is normal when you care about someone. Right? :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t know how close you are to him, but if you get along well with him, then why not give it a try and open up to him about it? Sometimes simply having someone by your side that you can talk to about your struggles already helps A LOT. Opening up about it to someone else is definitely the hardest step, but everything goes much smoother once you’ve overcome that initial fear! In case you don’t know this site yet, here’s a site with some resources to cope with self-harm: 21 Coping Skills for Self-Harm | The Mighty. All the best!

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