I'm just a dollar sign

I feel so goddamned alone right now.

“Friends” never reply, Family are dead, or hate me, and I can’t get anyone to do anything with me anymore. I can’t stand being alone anymore. I can’t take it.

My Therapist let me know that she has no idea how to move forward, and that she doesn’t feel that continuing on will be worth it, but that I can feel free to keep spending my money as I see fit if I want to continue (aka, she can’t help, but feel free to keep paying).

It seems like I am just paying for therapy so I have someone to talk to and not feel so shitty about being alone. I feel absolutely pathetic that I have to pay hundreds of dollars for someone elses company for a couple hours a month, and still haven’t been able to break the trend after MONTHS. It seems like the only way I CAN get anyone to pay attention to me, is to make sure to pay them.

I wish someone gave a crap about me day to day without me having to pay them to do so…

I miss having a family…


I guess I’m just ranting at empty air. Goodbye I wont post anymore.

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Hey Geko , it takes time for people to get back to posts on the wall. Have patience, someone will reply soon when they can.

Sounds like you need a different therapist for sure. I had a similar experience over the past year I have been looking and failing to find the right fit…they just keep saying they can’t help me , or don’t want to or I can’t afford them . Either way , it’s been and still is a hard and long process finding the right help. But don’t give up just keep looking .

With mates , it’s kinda the same thing , just keep looking and trying to find the right fit and one day you will find someone where it’s just so easy to meet up and be mates . Unfortunately a lot of people just don’t try , we do have to put in the extra effort just to see people.
I always feel like , if I don’t make plans , people will just not bother with me or care. It’s exhausting but its just how things are. However I have found the more effort I put in , the more I then eventually get back. Eg. If I ask to go hang out with mates a few times. They suddenly ask to do the same later down the line…but it can take time and needs to be the right people too.
But your get there , keep trying , don’t give up .
All the best Geko :relaxed:


Hi @Geko

Today, the HeartSupport Houston team is setting up our tent at a festival in Houston. We’re going to post your Topic (condensed) on our Support Wall at the festival, and ask people at the festival to support you. We’ll post their replies early next week, but you can follow along on the Instagram page.

Hold Fast friend, support is coming.

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Hi @Geko

On Saturday June 5th, the HeartSupport Houston team set up a physical version of this Support Wall at the Texas Taco and Tequila Music Festival.

We posted your topic to the Wall, and asked real people at the festival to provide support for you.

The responses (pics below) to your topic are from real people who read your post, cared for you, and took the time to carefully write out a response to make sure that you felt loved and supported. They all wish for you to find healing and joy, and their hearts go out to you.

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