I'm just all over the place

Hey. So, in a couple weeks is the HS Retreat for those who helped raise money during Mental Health Awareness week. I was one of those people that got invited to the retreat and I am so blessed and thankful for that opportunity. There has been a lot of stuff going on inside my head lately about the trip and just life in general. The thing is I still haven’t booked my flights/hotel for it. I’ve always been a procrastinator and I just wish I wasn’t. It really sucks. Another thing is I haven’t even told my family about the trip and everything. Like, why haven’t I? I don’t know. I think I’m just scared, anxious, nervous about what they would say and do I guess. Why would I be though? I don’t know. I’m also scared about the money thing too. I mean I have enough money for it, but like after the trip is the issue. I’m just not sure what to do. I don’t want to miss this opportunity, to get to meet everyone at HS. It’s been a dream of mine. If you were in my situation, what would you do? I just feel like I’m on the edge right now. Definitely not what I want 2020 to start like, but it’s life. I’m just all over the place and wish I planned things better. Any advice would help. Thanks for reading my rambling.

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That’s some good news! I’m glad you’ve been invited and have the possiblity to go there! Thank you for what you did by the way. :heart:

I guess being stressed about it is quite normal. And it can definitely increase procrastination habits. I struggle with procrastination a lot and I get that feeling of being so overwhelmed that I just end in not doing anything. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. That’s pretty clear and a good strat, so let’s do everything you can to take this opportunity! You can try to think about it step by step and check everything progressively. There are already different things to do right now, from what you said:

  • You’re worried about the money aspect. May I ask how this is gonna be an issue concretely, after the trip? (you don’t have to reply if you don’t want to). Also, do you think your family could get your back, just in case you need it temporarily? There are certainly ways to deal with this, so you’ll need to let go your worries just for a moment in order to think about the situation more concretely. The idea is to be able to go to this event, but also to remain safe financially speaking. With the resources that you have (material resources but also relationships), what are your possibilities right now?

  • To book flights and hotel. The earliest you do that, the less it will cost you. So you’ll have to:
    Search for different possibilities/prices depending on the dates and duration of your trip. When you have it, keep those informations in your browser or write it down. When your booking will be done, maybe try to see on GoogleMaps or something like that where you’ll go, if there are transports you’ll have to take. Write down those informations too if that can reassure you a bit.

  • Talk about it to your family! If you don’t really know why it’s making you nervous then maybe it’s only anxiety that is talking right now. That’s okay. You have the right to go to the retreat. It’s a short trip. And your family has also the right to know, especially if you live with them (sorry I don’t know about who you’re talking about precisely). Maybe it will be also an opportunity to share a bit with them about something that matters to you! :heart: So if you want to announce it to them, let’s not wait for that. Sometimes when we’re waiting before doing something, it’s only because the first step is the hardest, but then it gets instantly better. :wink:

I hope you’ll go there friend.
Fight as much as you can against those thoughts telling you it can be done later. Put some alarms on your phone. Write down everything you’ll have to do or think about, in order to make things clearer and diminish this feeling of being overwhelmed. All of this can be done very quickly, and you won’t have to think about practical things again after that. Just to enjoy your trip. You got this! :heart:

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