I'm.just done with living

The people who abused me when I was a child would be dead. That would make me happy.

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I’m sorry that people hurt you. I can understand frustration of abusers. I was abused when I was younger too and I harbored a lot anger, hate, sadness, bitterness and frustration for many many years.

Do you want to talk about the abuse you went through? Or the ways it has impacted you? Sometimes, honestly, just venting it out and releasing the anger helps.

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Hi friends, I just read your conversation.

@Megadave020 Checking in on you. I hope you’re doing okay today, at least as much as possible, and that you are safe right now.

I am so sorry to hear about the abuse. Sorry you have been hurt by those people. It’s not fair, it shouldn’t happen to anyone. Never. You have the absolute right to feel that way. There are times when I wanted those who had hurt me to be dead too. Just because imagining this was restoring a sense of justice in my soul, in my heart, even though I’d prefer not to feel that hatred.

As Koyangi said, if you ever want to talk about it, we’re here for you. To listen, to support you. Maybe it could seem pointless, useless, but it doesn’t matter how many times you have to talk about it. Just know that if you need it, you can. Here or privately.

Friend, your own happiness and your own life are not depending on the ones of those who hurt you. What they did was wrong. The impact it has on you is unfair. But they can’t win that battle. I believe in you. In your capacity to overcome this. In your capacity to rise from the ashes, stronger than before. Also to rest on the shoulders of those who love you, as much as needed. There’s not limit for this.

Please, stay safe.

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I know yesterday was a rough day for you. Cycling back and checking back on you this evening. Hope things are feeling a little better and that you got rest. People do care about you, bud.

Stay strong, okay?

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I hope you are okay. I don’t know if this will make a change but after I read the post this song came to my mind https://youtu.be/4-Q_0iKNnVM It helped me a lot when I was at my darkest. It kept me here. Please, let us know that you are here.


I’ve tried overdosing twice this week but still here lol

I’m very sorry to hear that. But I’m glad that you are okay. I hope that the weekend and the following week go better for you. <3

Be gentle with yourself, friend.


I’m sorry to hear that. I really hope that everything will be fine. I hope that you will be okay. Stay with us, please.


Hey @Megadave020,

You are loved.

Hang in there, friend.
Keep reaching out. To us. Anyone.

We care about you. :heart:

Have you ever taken it to God and asked him to help. It won’t be an instant fix because God isn’t a genie, but I promise Jesus will show you why you feel this way and help you.

God gave you life he loves you and would be hurt if you took your life. It’s no coincidence that I came across this page and your post. God is the one that led me here to say he loves you and doesn’t want you to keep on hurting. He died for your sins so you wouldn’t have to. Why do you want to no longer live? What about your family and friends you will leave behind? How will they feel?

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