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Im just done

i’m done. done with everything. done with all the hurt, the pain, the guilt, etc that i feel on a daily basis. i don’t want to feel anything anymore. good or bad. i just want to be free of this. be free of everything that weighs me down. i don’t want to be here anymore. nothing would be impacted if i was gone. nothing would change all that much. im not gonna make some world changing impact. im not anything. im broken. lost. hurt. and just done with it all. im sorry. i dont want to be here, alive, feeling things anymore. i dont want to have the chance of getting hurt again.


Heya @FaeTheProud You know that you are not alone.

Please don’t give up. You are loved. You are a person.

You can be free but suicide and self harm is not the answer to it. Each day approximately 2,200 people die from suicide, let’s not be one of those numbers, let’s be the catalyst for change for that number.

That number is WAY too high. But I believe that you can be the change.

Do something for me DON"T give up. DON’T believe the lies. The lies are lies and will ALWAYS be LIES and NEVER TRUE.

Keep fighting and hold on.

Love You

Darian Halliday/DarianDaOtter
Twitch Streamer Supporting HeartSupport

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You’re going through a very hard time and I can’t imagine how difficult it is for you right now.

DMs are opened, there are many people on Discord who respond quickly and care about you. You already have a positive impact in the lives of people who have the chance to know you. Please stay with us and hold the hand of this community. :handshake: I know it’s hard and it hurts, but I promise you you’re not alone. We love you and we care about you.

I don’t want you to die. I want you to heal those wounds with the love you need, to fulfill your life with what makes you feel great. And this wish is not an illusion: it IS possible. Hold fast, friend. There is hope. :heart:

From: edge0fheaven

i know you said that you cant see what impact you woudn’t impact anything if you were gone… but think of the impact of yourself missing. What would you miss? Do you have any younger siblings or family members that you wouldnt see their next birthday? What about pets that would actually miss you and would know you are gone? You could miss a moment in time you dont even know would happen yet… Maybe not focus on who would miss you but what you would miss if you werent around

From: adam_actual

hey friend, I’m sorry you’re feeling this way because I’ve dealt with a lot of these similar self-worth issues recently. What a luxury it would be to rid ourselves of the weight on our shoulders. But we’re here now, and trust me that the fight is worth it, it’s so easy to say we don’t make a difference but the fact is we do. You make a difference, you matter and you belong here. Hold fast.

From: casual_h3ro

i dont think putting the pressure of changing the entire world is good. Its not the measure of a persons worth by how much change they make. You could do all the right things and still not make the world change, because that is the worlds choice…people still choose whether or not to accept the example you live by, but i think thats where things are important. You CAN decide HOW YOU act towards others. You cant change people, but you can change yourself and by example show others .

I was just talking about this the other day. Everyday takes up so much energy that I don’t have - if I’m not sleeping, I’m thinking about how I could die, how much better off everyone would be. The fact I wouldn’t have to deal with the stuff that is being thrown at me and the stuff I have to get done. It’s so much. I’m too tired to deal with those thoughts, so they just break me down. Sorry I can’t offer advice, but I hope it makes you feel like you’re less alone in these feelings. <3

Hold Fast

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It’s ok to be broken, it’s ok to be hurt, most of us are not gonna make a world changing impact, being hurt sucks it’s the worst the pain is agony, however taking chances at being hurt also gives us chances at being happy, it doesnt HAVE to be hurt there is also a chance it might come out differently.

You matter to me, to this community and I’m sure to others.

Dear Sarah:
Sometimes I think the thoughts in our heads, what we believe about ourselves are covered in dark, heavy clouds. It’s really important when we feel like that to remember that no matter what those clouds are carrying, we are loved, we are important, and we matter. You are worth so much even though it’s hard to see through those clouds. We are glad you are here and all that you bring to this world. You are so full of purpose and so full of courage. Don’t believe the darkness. You are pure sunshine. :heart:

Hey Sarah,

I understand this feeling, I reached these same feelings at the same age as you. I was tired of my family hurting, and then in turn hurting me. I’m tired of people who I trusted hurting me, I wanted to leave. I felt useless and unneeded. Even when the world forced me into a place where I was needed, it was more pain. More hurt, and I gave up on myself. I lived through trying to die at that point and still saw myself as a pointless loveless husk. I destroyed myself, did things I hated, did things I don’t want to face again, but I have to. I thought if I am going to hurt, I will make myself hurt. If my existence is just to be hurt then I will bring it in.
But then I was given a chance,a trust chance. To be free of that pain, and to let go of my past.
I became open to something I feared, change the pain of different experiences. I still try to let myself be willing to try and live and not be controlled by fear and anger. To be willing to change, to face my feelings against all of the hurt and say “I’ve had enough.”
You may not be able to see the difference. A butterfly effect of support, you have felt the results of this.
You shine when you talk about your love of musicals and singing. You gain so much confidence that you shine, blind the entire room. You become so proud so happy. Take those moments, those are your hope. You’re life is worth living, and that hope is proof of that.
You can live a life free of fear and hurt, but you have to fight it.
Fight it with your Bright Light, with that flame. Even if you feel like you can’t fight it, you can come to us, we want you to be here, you have impacted us. You can use our flame if you need it. We’re here and love you, even if your darkness hides it, and blinds you we are here. We love you.

I believe in you, you got this.
Hold Fast.


From: all_around_ashley

hey , we love you no matter what . We will have our ups and our downs . I know you’ve been struggling a lot lately but you are not only on that boat . Keep reaching out . We love you friend

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From: septic_ang

I have been through a similar though process about myself and if you ever want to talk my dms are always open even if it’s just to vent!

From: collarfullofpanic

Hey Sarah, You are loved, we want you here. We love you and you have impacted our lives. You’re strong, Hold Fast.

From: brendiee_jd

Sarah even if i dont know you that well, i dont want to miss you on this world. Even if i dont really know who u are, i will miss you, and i will take a cry if this was the end… hrtLegoLove hrtLegoLove

From: sajjadica1981

you made me feel i’m not alone, i feel these same things, don’t give up

Here is the highlight from todays stream:

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Please try to rethink this… you may not believe this now but your absence will make an impact. There are always people who care and want the best for you. I must be hard but I beg you to stay a little longer so you can the love and sincerity of those around you.

I have struggled with these feelings and still do, so I want you to know that you are not alone. It’s truly heart wrenching and down right tiring to feel this way.

I wish all the best and want you to know that you may not see it but i promise you that you are important. Please don’t give in to the self loathing.

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I love you friend. I’m really sorry that you’re having such a hard time right now. I am sending you a lot of love.

Know that there are a lot of people that care about you. Who appreciate you and value you.

I know things feel really hard right now, but there’s a lot of people here who want to support and encourage you. Let yourself embrace the love we are sending your way and act as a strength in your moment of hurt. Let us love you. We care. You matter.

Love you friend.

  • Kitty

Heya @FaeTheProud Today on my stream we covered your topic. We wanted to let you know that you are not alone and all of us is here for you. Here is the link so you can watch it:

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Dear @FaeTheProud

My name is Maplesead and I wanted to make something for you as a reminder that your loved and that you matter! I joined the HeartSupport stream where they did a realtalk about your topic. My feelings said that i need to make something for you, just because we love you and don’t want to lose you!

Let me introduce you to the villager of Animal Crossing that i drew. Her name is Skye and she is an incessantly friendly and excitable character. She really want to help people and make them excited for what the future will give here. She is a cutiepie, like you.

Sarah, please remember that Skye is as sweet as you and she want to take care of you. She can’t live her wonderfull live without you nearby. Hold fast, you matter!

Lovely greetings,

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