Im just the worst

I don’t even know what to do with myself anymore. I’m slowly gaining weight and becoming unhealthier and unhealthier. I know I should be trying to fix it but I cant seem to motivate myself to do anything. The last 10 months has just been a spiral downward in my feelings towards myself and life. I have no friends anymore all I do is sit at home when I’m not busy and cry. I’m even a huge burden to the one family member who has really taken care of me throughout my life its starting to feel like nobody cares and everyone would be happier if I just disappeared. Ever since my best friend committed suicide and my girlfriend broke up with me on the same day I haven’t felt anything but depression from then on all I can think about is wanting to end it… I have no idea what to do anymore I cant even get motivated to take care of myself ever since I finally realized my dream in life is just over that was probably the final nail in the coffin. Its gotten to the point where I haven’t eaten or slept for 3 days before writing this… I’m honestly just a waste of oxygen and living space at this point all my possessions would be better used by somebody else.

Hey @LuckyExile, we read and responded to your topic this morning on my stream. I wanted to drop the video by for you and I hope it gives you some encouragement. Hold fast friend!

LuckyExile Encouragement

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thank you for this I’m going to try to get some professional help as soon as I can afford it as my first step.