Im kinda fed up with life

I have no friends and am going to turn 18 soon without any friends around me. I’ve been feeling alone like this for the last year. The only thing I have to look forward to is starting college this year but I’m very shy and socially awkward so I don’t think ill make any friends.

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Hi Nathan,

I’m sorry to hear you are feeling alone. Going to college is exciting, what are you going to study?

Colleges are usually pretty good about providing students with ways to interact with others that share interests and beliefs. It might just be the experience you’ve been waiting for to make friends.

Do you mind if I ask why you think you are too socially awkward to make friends? When I was in high school I was the one that nobody really wanted to get to know. I was also very quiet, had crooked teeth, wore glasses and was overweight. I wasn’t interested in sports or anything that the ‘popular’ kids liked, but as soon as I went to Tech School, I met people who were just like me - not super popular, definitely socially awkward, but some of the coolest people I’ve ever met.

Being weird or awkward gets a bad rap. Embrace the awkwardness, I promise you will meet people who are more sympathetic to you than perhaps you can even imagine. You’ll be ok.


I’m hopefully going to be studying computing. The reason I feel like i’m socially awkward is because I find it hard to keep a conversation going with people because i don’t know what to say or talk about.

That’s awesome, computer work is fun. I studied Network Security for 2 years and now work in Telecommunications and I absolutely love my job. And the good news is, a lot of people that study stuff like that, at least in my experience, are also like that - quiet and awkward around people. Most of my class was like that. I think you may find that once to take a chance and initiate a conversation, it will start to become easier, especially if they share the same interests as you. Do you like gaming? Everyone in my class was a gamer, even the teacher. It made it easy to carry out conversations with everyone and helps with confidence. I think you made the right choice. Not to mention computer careers will only grow in numbers in the future and they pay well.

You could say i’m a gamer but not lately as my pc is not great. I really do hope I can find people with similar interests because where I went to school a lot of people main interest was gaa or football and I didn’t really enjoy sports so it was hard for me to fit in.

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I really do believe you will prosper greatly from your time in college both socially and intellectually. My aunt once told me the same things I’m telling you now and to be fair, I didn’t believe her. Boy was I wrong. I still speak to many of my classmates, as well as my instructor about games, cyber security advancements and corny IT jokes. The culture has a great, spicy sense of humor and are very interesting people as a whole. I wish you the best of luck, I think you will have a blast.

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Thanks for giving your insight im really looking forward to college now.


Not a problem, friend.