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I'm living in a toxic home

Recently I moved in with two roommates. It’s my first time being on my own. One of the roommates I’ve known for about twelve years the other roommate is her partner that I’ve known for about two years now.
Their lives are full of every type of drama there is.
From one of the roommates parents that are a major drug addict trying to get into our home in the middle of the night, to random people sleeping on the couch, they’re slobs (left food out for so long it created maggots,) their dog pees and poos everywhere, etc. They also bring pot into the house. I don’t care if they smoke it but not in the house or have it in the house at all. There’s cops 24/7 in my neighborhood and I won’t go down for their immaturity. I also have two toddler nephews that sleep over and I don’t want that around them.
I have always kept a clean house; mess and clutter makes my anxiety very bad. I cannot keep up with their messes and it stresses me out. They take advantage of the fact that they know I’ll pick up after them because I literally cannot live in the state they leave it. It’s to the point where none of my friends or family come over because of the drama and the way the house smells. And I have tried speaking to them in every tone of voice possible and it never gets through to their head.

I have spoken to my realtor and I have all means to kick them out at any point.
My issue is I feel very guilty to have to force them out. They will be sued for the remaining amount of rent and I don’t know where they’ll go.
I also cannot afford to live by myself and my mental state cannot handle a third job. My boyfriend is willing to move in but we have only been dating two months. I’m afraid if we decide to break up, we will be stuck.

I just need advice and some encouragement before I completely lose it.
I also believe in the power of prayer so if you do, please pray for me.

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Hey partner how’s it going! I get that you are totally stuck between everything and I hate that feeling I had to make the same decision if I wanted to stay with my mom or not or move on by myself and I just wanted to give you some encouragement!

1.i am so proud of you for even making the decision of moving out and becoming an adult! For someone with anxiety that’s a huge step and you should be proud of yourself

2.i understand how conflicted you seem choosing for what’s best for you but I just hope you choose what’s best and healthy for you! If you can try to talk with your roommates before hand that would be a good step but remember to be at ease with it and have a peace of mind

  1. Don’t give up! There’s a lot of people going through the same thing as you I can actually count 5 with my fingers right now including myself! Do what’s best for you and remember to stay healthy and do what you must to be healthy

I hope everything turns out okay for you and if you need anything I’m here for you :slight_smile:


Thank you, friend. It’s so good to know I’m not alone in this. :black_heart:

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Don’t make these people get you down - nothing is fixed in this life. You will pull through and look back at this point as a painful memory, but peace will soon come if you hang in there. The victory comes from within, sweet victory is coming to you and it will taste even better because you will have earned it, the hard way xxxxx

If the situation is putting you in a bad state of mind get out of it.Your not obligated to make sure there ok. Having a safe living enviorment is of high importance and after all you dont want your nephews being exsposed to things that will harm them or corupt there little minds. Yes i do believe i. The power of prayer and I will pray for you friend
God bless💗