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I'm losing friends again

I have lost 2 friends now in 1 day on Halloween over my depression i hate losing friends it sucks and im moving 3 - 3 1/2 hours away from all the friends i do have and i am transferring to a small higschool only one in the town and if they cant accomadate what i need for my I.E.P i am ganna have to go to boarding school frankly i am hoping i go to boarding school my life right now is just upside down i wish friends would stop leaving stop pretending to be my friend stop lying stop breaking trust honestly it hurts


Hey Fallen, it’s hard to lose friends over something that’s out of your control like depression. I hope when you move you are able to keep in contact with some of your friends, maybe via a pen pal situation, might be fun. When will you know if the new school is able to accommodate your IEP? The not knowing isn’t a fun thing, I’m sure. You’ve got the uncertainty of moving and making new friends and not even knowing which school you’ll be at is an added layer… It hurts to have “friends” who break your heart, especially more than once. You are worthy of love and friendship, and I hope you find a good group of people to hang out with at whichever new school you go to!

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I’m sorry for what your going though. Real friends keep in touch andreal friends don’t forget about you. I hope you can have peace.

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