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I'm managing

So much of my energy is taken up with just existing I’m constantly struggling I’m constantly worried about everything I’m constantly having my brain show and make me feel horrible things I try my best to keep the house clean to keep my brother off my ass but he still comes to me saying I need to get a very specific job and I just I can’t I know he means well but he doesn’t understand where I’m at I’m doing all I can he thinks it’s just me thinking no one else is tired which isent the case I know everyone else is but being invalidated dosent help


I’m not sure what that means, but it certainly sounds like it would be an energy drain. Being constantly worried is also an energy drain. Are you in touch with a therapist?

Maybe you can say something like, “yes, other people are tired, but knowing that does not make me feel less tired.”

As far as getting a job goes, the focus needs to be on what you feel that you can do. You might want to consider your brother’s opinion, but you know yourself better than he does. His comments may invite the feeling of being invalidated, but you are 100% valid.

I love housecleaning! It’s one of those things where gratification is immediate. Also, I have a tendency towards OCD, and housecleaning is a useful way of channeling it. Rather than doing it to keep your brother of your ass, come up with a way of making it satisfying for you instead. Worrying about someone being on your ass is also an energy drain. It might be more of a drain than the housework itself. I usually feel more energy and in a better mood after finishing housework.

From: Lisalovesfeathers (Discord)

Hi Derpplup, Thank you for your post. I understand what you mean about how much energy it takes just to exist especially when your brain never seems to rest. Worry is exhausting, isn’t it? I used to wonder why I was tired when I wasn’t doing anything but that is why, my mind was wearing me out. The problem with that is, if your brother has not experienced the overthinking and that constant worry then he wont have any idea what you are experiencing and that’s a tough one to imagine and hard to explain too because a person that it doesn’t happen to will tell you to stop worrying about it and get that job but it is hard for them too so you have to show them a little grace and you acknowledge that. Its tough though. I honestly think all you can do is your best and be proud of yourself for doing so. Self-validation. I have been looking into that, look at my post that I posted a few days ago, its really interesting. I’m giving it a try. I hope it helps. Much Love Lisa.

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From: eloquentpetrichor (Discord)

Hello Derpplup! Yes everyone is tired. It’s the state of humanity, it seems, especially for adults. But not everyone is drained just trying to get through the day and you are perfectly within your rights to talk about being tired. It’s great of you to keep going about your day and get things done even when you are exhausted. Sometimes that’s the hardest thing to do. Just those everyday tasks. I’m sorry it feels like your brain is attacking you. I think I understand what you mean about that and it is never fun and is definitely exhausting. Fighting your own mind is an energy vampire. I hope your brother manages to understand you a bit more and stops invalidating your feelings and exhaustion. And I hope you find a way to fight that vampire leeching all of your energy from you. Keep fighting the good fight, friend :hrtlegolove: