I'm never getting away

So, For the last few months, I’ve been searching for places to rent etc so I can leave my abusive home life…

I thought I’d finally found an amazing place, everything went so smoothly… Right up until I needed someone to co-sign.
My mum applied to do so, but, due to have a bad credit history, she was declined. At that point, a family friend offered to give it ago. However, there was very quickly another issue arise, which meant that she couldn’t do it, which, now means that I can’t rent the place.
Everywhere else around me requires me to be earning much more than I’m earning right now, and with no extra hours at work available, that means I have to find a second job… Thing is… I barely have the energy to go to my current job, let alone work another one.

I really thought that this was my way out. I thought I would finally be free and able to really focus on my recovery and improving myself, but, I was wrong and now, still being stuck under my parents eye, I’m never going to be able to those things.

I’m crushed… I’m just giving up all hope on getting out of here.

Hey friend,

You will get out! Promise yourself that. It might not be when you think but keep working towards leaving. I am praying for you right now and I will keep praying for you, not only for the energy to do what you need to do to be safe, but also for a clear path for your future. It’s okay to be tired and it’s okay to down, but continue to lift yourself up and keep believing in a better future. You are so brave for working towards getting out of there and you will get out! Hold fast and stay strong.

Try reaching out to some support groups for people who are in abusive situations. Many times they are able to help find places to live that are safe, even if it is temporary. By getting out of there you may just have the energy you need to get a second job and start supporting yourself.

I am praying for you! :purple_heart:

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You could try finding someone to stay with. Maybe a friend or looking online to see if anyone is looking for a roommate. Try to write things down to make it seem easier. Write all your options in order of best to worst and see what works best for you

friend, please dont give up i know how it is . MY friend was in the same situation but her HOA was the issue … I know you got this and i know you will find a place.

It sucks when things dont turn out the way you want them to be but it will get better and you will find a place soon