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I'm not alright right now but I am


Up until I found this forum and this wonderful community) I spent 13 years telling myself I was okay and that it was going to get better. But upon finding HS I realized I wasn’t going to get any better alone and this community has helped me so much. however I do still think about it daily that maybe I should just do it but all of you here help keep me just above the breaking point. thank you for holding on to me all of you


Well we are so glad that you stumbled upon this community as well friend. I’m sure we all felt this way after finding such a great place! I know HS has helped me in so many ways! I have never found another community quite like it. I hope there will be a day when you don’t have to think about it at all. Until that day though, you have some great people in your corner helping you battle those demons friend. HOLD FAST!


Love ya man! Keep holding tight! We are all going through our own hardships but together we can support one another and push through. :heart: