I'm not enjoying life, I wanna end it

I’m so sick of being alive. It feels like to me life is a waste of time since there’s nothing to look forward to. I’ll be 24 years old in 7 days. I have no friends, no one ever listens to me when I’m depressed and suicidal. I really would like to end my life. 2 weeks ago I was tested positive for covid and I thought my death was going to end right there. But it sucks I survived it. I don’t exist in the world.


I hope you don’t end it! It sure sounds like you need a change. I don’t know your circumstances, but if you can change your routine a bit, go for a walk, do something different, perhaps something you’ve enjoyed in the past. If circumstances can’t be changed, maybe viewing them differently can help.

You mentioned, “no one ever listens to me,” that suggests there must be someone within earshot, in order to be someone who doesn’t listen, at least at times. Those who are depressed usually have a rough time connecting with those around them. That’s Most often because they don’t like feeling uncomfortable and helpless about not being able to help. It also may be because of the belief that depression is contagious. So, is it possible that like so many others, you have friends who simply can’t handle your emotional state? That’s unfortunate, because now is when you need them the most. Depressed people tend to feel isolated, for the above reasons.

When depressed, everything looks pretty gray, and nothing looks interesting. That doesn’t mean that nothing is interesting. It just looks that way because of how you’re feeling.

Please consider that if life sucks for you now, you have little to lose by trying a few new things, just as you have by reaching out to us here. People here genuinely want you to be okay.

You said, “I don’t exist in the world.” I believe that if not for your current level of depression, you would realize that there are others who are really glad that you do exist. In the future, there’ll be more people who are grateful that you’re around.

In my experience, our problems can be instrumental in manifesting good things. For example, those who have experienced depression, can become very intuitive and empathetic. It’s as though the experience of sadness can open our hearts.

If you dial 211, they can help you connect with someone who can help.

At 24 years old, there is still a lot to learn and experience, and I assure you, your world will be much different by the time you’re 27.

Please hang in there and maintain hope. Also, check back in and let us know how you’re doing.

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Hey @Nothingnear,

How are you doing since you posted? I’d love to hear some updates from you, if that’s okay.

You matter, friend. Your life matters. We care about you. :hrtlegolove:

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Hey there friend, first I want to say you are loved, I don’t know you but I know your loved. I promise you your not alone either, I’m 27 and I feel like that to. I had to lose a lot of friends because they were making things worse for me. I lost my family because there solution was just egging on my addiction issue. I spent the last month just trying to figure out why am I here what am I doing. I’ll be honest I can’t give you the Anwser yet but I can tell you, you took the step to post on here and that’s courage, that tells me you have the courage to carry on and figure life out. I’ll tel ya just being a little older there’s more trials ahead but I can tel you for myself I began being more open minded and I try new things all the time, from new foods to traveling when I can to jus trialing on here and on Facebook groups of like minded people. It’s only hard for a minute there are better days ahead and I’m not sure if you can personal messege on here but if you can feel free to chat with me when ya need I’ve been checking this daily to read and even write what my heart feels. I promise there’s a purpose for you, you belong here we belong here! I love you friend your gong to get through this I believe in you


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