I'm not okay and it's time you all know why

I’m just at a point in my where I’m very much exhausted with it all. I have Cerebral Palsy ( a spot on my brain that affects my movement mainly my legs so I’m unable to walk). That as amazing as it feels to sit in a comfy custom fit wheelchair all day I urge every able-bodied person not to envy my chair ever because it, believe it or not, having to sit in a wheelchair is both mentally and physically exhausting. there’s nothing like watching your friends play and realizing u can’t run and play along. I’m not going to drag this part on anymore, yes it’s a part of why I’m not okay but it’s not what I want to tackle right now.

I can’t handle having too many negative thoughts in the last few months my thoughts have given me massive migraines on a daily basis, The+y are so bad that in my mind the only way to stop them is to kill myself. I have random fits of feeling perfectly fine and then depressed for no reason at all. it makes me feel like I’m crazy. I’ve been put on a mood stabilizer as a result. I’m hopefully getting it increased soon. My sudden mood changes aren’t controllable. I’m scared of having them help me

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Hi @dt2021
How are you doing?

Thank you for sharing your story and trusting this community.
I believe it wasn’t something that easy to pull out.

Are you seeing a psychologist, counseling or talking to someone who can help you discussing these mood issues and feelings?

Or does have anything that might trigger these negative thoughts?