I'm nothing more then "worthless."

Worthless, that’s my only description that fits me they all said.
My parents, they see me as a useless, worthless and pathetic mistake.
It gets worse every single day, they will probably be better off without me. My mother and father claims that they want to die because of
Me. I recklessly say words which I think hurt them, this cage I’m trapped in, it’s like a void of despair. I don’t even have company here in this… empty dark box of despair and darkness. I wish suicide was a third option instead of all the other ones, but obviously. I wouldn’t want to see them sad, but why am I so eager to die but in the same time not want the pleasant feeling of finally not being a burden to people whom i know.

My dear friend, this will not be easy to hear but try: You are not a burden. Let me say that again: you are not a burden. You are a unique gift to this world and you are worth more than you could possibly understand in this moment.
Do you know what makes you, you? That nobody else is you! Your parents aren’t you, your friends aren’t you; never before in history and never again will the world have a chance to experience the unique spark that is you. You’re it! You weren’t an accident; you were MADE, with love and dedication, to bring something the world needs right here in this moment.
I know it feels dark and hopeless; I have been in that spot many times. I know what it means to be abandoned by the people who are supposed to love you. I do. My friend, find something to grab onto and hold on! Because your life is going places. The experiences that you think, now, are going to destroy you will make you strong and resilient. You will discover that you are not worthless, you are LOVED. Loved! And, through that love, you will bring hope to others just like yourself.
Whatever it is that you are feeling right now, know two things: 1) It’s ok. You can feel that, there’s no shame in it. And 2) It won’t last forever. I promise. It really won’t.
Keep going. Better than you can imagine, is right around the corner and we are all here with you.

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I know that it feels that way now, but I promise no one is better off without you. Depression is the worst liar. It wants you to believe that, but its a lie. You are not the burden the darkness says you are. You are loved, and worthy. And you’re not alone. You are welcomed and loved here.

Hiya,I know that you’re probably not going to believe this,but I feel like the people in your life right now are not saying this enough to you: you are unique and beautiful and this world needs you. Remember that the majority of inspiring people who have done amazing things in their life have admitted having felt depressed and worthless at least once. I know that barely surviving is one of the most difficult thing to achieve when you’re feeling this way,but remember that it’s all worth it. You are worth it. Don’t listen to people or yourself telling you otherwise. We love you and we’re always here for you