I'm really depressed

I’m really depressed. Nothing helps being so depressed. I don’t know what to do anymore


Do the best you can, it okay to feel like shit. You are not alone in this. When I feel down listen to Alan Watts help me out!! He has words of wisdom.


What have you tried? Depression usually has more than one cause at a time, therefore a combination of approaches are often required. It might help to talk about it.


Hi Tristan
Depression is a serious mental illness that needs a lot of care and time to get better. Therapy medication, changes of habbits and other things. It is a marathon but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It can get better. It can and I believe you can get better too :wink:



Hi Friend, I’m so sorry that you are feeling so depressed, I have major depression so I can relate to you. I know in a previous post you talked about how prayer and meditation has helped ground you in the past. Have you tried doing that to pull you out of this funk? Know that you are loved and you matter. ~Mystrose

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From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, Tristan! Trying to find things that help you feel a little better can help a lot with feelings of depression but therapy is really the best long term solution when you feel so hopeless. Therapy helps me a lot but when I’m feeling down I try to hold onto the small things that make me happy. You mention in another post about prayer and meditation. Are you still using them? Are they still helping you?

Depression is a long journey and a long battle. Keep fighting the good fight, friend :hrtlegolove:

From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, I am so sorry things seem so dark right now, everything can seem so very difficult when you are in that rough place, everything is hard work, everyone feel so distant and life is one long day after another but it can and will get easier, try to open up to friends or spend time with people, that is not how you feel and I get that but it is something I recommend, to get out, see some life, experience what is happening outside of the four walls of your home. Time really is a great healer my friend. I send you lots of love. Lisa x

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