I'm scared of asking for help

So, I’m a person that lives in Russia, while being homosexual and genderfluid, so i’m really scared of possible future persecution, because of that, and unability to escape it, when it accurs, cause of my disability, so I’m trying to move out to Canada (Why specifically NA? Because I have no friends in EU and I only speak two languages, sadly, Russian and English) because it’s closest place to me, that both has all my friends and has good enough health care to keep my disability from evolving, other candidate being USA, but cause of current political climate, it’s not an option, so right now i have only Canada as an option, and only two routes i can go : sponsorship or convention refugee, so i’m asking for the advice on how to stop being scared of asking help, cause I can’t even write an e-mail, cause i’m being really careful with who I trust, and what information i disclose… Would also appreciate any advice on move too, but it’s not necessary. Really hope i’m writing in a correct category right now.


Im very sorry this is happening to you. Don’t be afraid to reach out, a lot of people are feeling the same way.

i am so sorry for what you are going through …
love is love there is nothing to be afraid of nothing to be ashamed …
for your immigration process your reason i mean homophobia is one of the options that will put you on top of the list and be honest about your situation and during your admission openly say what you are going through
i am sure you can make it and finally be somewhere that you can kiss your spouse with no fear and anywhere
love is love
take care

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