I'm scared of being lonely forever

I know.

I know everyone says that I won’t be lonely forever.

Just the thought of it scares me especially after all the shit I’ve gone through in life.

It just scares me.

I honestly am hopeless. I am lonely.

I know you don’t need someone in your life to feel happy, it just still scares me.


I’m not sure which kind of lonely you’re referring to so I’ll touch on both.

If you’re worrying about being without a romantic partner, its true that not everyone needs one but most people want it eventually. The trouble here comes when we want that so bad that it becomes the only thing in the world that we think will make us happy. That causes two issues: 1. now you might be acting desperate which is not an attractive quality and 2. it won’t make you happy so it’s not a good way to correct that issue. I think the best way to find romantic partners is to be a bit more self-focused. When you work on making yourself happy with who you are, and enjoying your life, this is really attractive! Plus, you won’t mind waiting for the right person because you are already having a good time. This way, your future partner can ADD to your happiness, instead of being expected to be the only source of happiness for you.

When it comes to friend loneliness, in my experience it’s simply that I’m not accepting what’s already being given to me. We can sometimes get this mindset that everyone is faking or lying or being nice to just make us feel better, or we think we don’t matter too much to those people, we ignore the nice things because we don’t think we deserve it etc. Now, I know for a fact you have great friends, so if this is where your loneliness is from, definitely go talk to those friends and explain how you’re feeling! Talk about the nice things you do for each other, you could even write them down to remind yourself later that people really do love you and care for you :slight_smile:

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I am really sorry you are facing this struggle at the moment. If you are talking about romance I get that can be super frustrating. Remember being single is okay. It is a season where you get to work on yourself before sharing life with someone else. I think if in our heart we desire to share a life with someone, God has someone for each and every one of us. It is a matter of the right timing. In terms of friends you definitely are never alone ! Everyone at heart support cares about ya ! There will always at least be a few people in your corner to face life with you :slight_smile:


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