I'm scared/this is awful

I’ve been having sleep paralysis for the several days now. Last night was awful, it started at 10:00 I couldn’t move, I heard chairs being moved in the kitchen, foot steps, I started hallucinating, this lasted for several hours, til about 4 or 5 in the morning. At around 5:30 I started crying.


I don’t blame you for being scared. Talk to your doctor. Some medication might help.

This may provide a little insight:


Thank You, the article was helpful, I’ll try and make an appointment with my doctor to see what my options are.


Hi there @Melancholy, thank you for sharing with us. This sounds absolutely terrifying and I can’t image how painful the experience is. I’m glad that you’re talking to your doctor about this – that’s a great move – and I hope this goes away soon. This is such a tough situation, but I have faith in your abilities to push through it. <3 Tuna


I’m sorry to hear that, Melancholy. I don’t personally deal with sleep paralysis, but I’ve heard stories and it sounds terrifying. Your emotions with that are beyond valid.

Honestly, I would look into it with your doctor like Wings had mentioned. Please keep us updated and take care of yourself, hun.


Hey @Melancholy,

How have you been lately? Have your nights been a little more peaceful? Would love to hear from you, if you would like to share of course.

Sleep paralysis can be so incredibly frightening. What you describe is something I’d never wish to anyone, and I’m really sorry that this is what you’ve been experiencing lately. It is absolutely understandable to feel scared of bed time and sleeping when you have faced such stressful experiences. Witnessing scary events while being physically stuck, as if you were forced to feel that intense fear. Sleep is supposed to be something that helps us feel better, not worse. My heart goes out to you, friend.

Is this something that you’ve ever discussed with a doctor? Or even with trusted loved ones (family, friend, etc).

If it can help to write about it, please know that you are always welcome to do so here, whether it is through asking for practical advices, relatable experiences or even just to vent. This community cares for you. You’re not alone. <3