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I'm scared two(talks of death and hate crimes)

I’m honestly really fucking scared of alot thing going on in my life I’m worried that one day there’s just gonna be a day I get hate crimed there’s gonna be a day I either have to choose between dieing as who I am and living and hopefully living long enough to be happy once again I’m horrified of what’s going on in the world and I just wanna hug all my friends and kiss my boyfriend and just fucking be happy god damn fuck this world some times


The world is really scary to sensitive souls. Regarding whether to choose dying as who you are, my hope is that who you are is a person who hang on, and conceive of a time when you can be reasonably happy. You can be yourself when you are happy also.

If you are in scary circumstances, I hope you can relocate somewhere safer.

It sounds like you want to help others heal, and be happy. With the world as it is, happiness comes in moments that need to be appreciated and expanded upon, to the extent that they are worth the difficult times. I guess you could say that episodes of happiness are like stepping stones that help you get across a muddy river of adversity.

I appreciate that you’re here, sharing your thoughts. The world is messed up, but there are some good people, and you’re one of them, and that makes the world a better place for those around you and that you care about.

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Hi Friend, I don’t think you’re alone in feeling this way. The world isn’t in a very good place right now and a lot of people are hurting. Our fears are magnified right now and paranoia is crippling us. I don’t have a solution, I wish I did. It’s sad that our world is in the state it’s in, but we still have to live our lives and try our best. Let’s hope in the near future our nation wakes up. Give your friends and loved one hugs and tell them you love them, go for it. It’s very healing thing to do. ~Mystrose


From: Mamadien

derpplup - what you are expressing about fear, hate and what is going on in the world - feels like something so many of us are experiencing now. I agree, I want the world to be a better place too. I hate that it’s making you afraid to be who you are. I don’t take lightly what you are concerned about and what you are going through. But please don’t let it control your life. Please do just what you said - hug your friends, hug your boyfriend and try to be happy as often as you can. You deserve to have that. I’m learning to be aware of what is happening in the world without watching too much news or reading too much online. It just messes with my head too much. I’m keeping it simple and hugging my friends, just like you said.


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thank you for your post, I was a little confused by your post if im being honest as we hear stories all the time and I think you just have to get used to them or switch off but Im in the UK and I am a switch off person so was unaware of what has been going on elsewhere with laws etc and the things that have been in the news and now I can understand more of why you have written your post and I am so sorry all of this is going on. However I do want to say that a lot of what you will read in headlines will be scare mongering tactics to make you read their papers, watch their news channels or read their websites so although obviously things have happened there will be rumours that are not true so until you know and hear factual things come from a trusted source please dont read or listen to these people that just want to frighten you. its not right. In the meantime go hug as many people as you can just because you can and its a lovely thing to do. Much Love Lisalovesfeathers.x

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