I'm sick and tired of being a single loser (trigger warning)

I hate my life. I’m unlovable and unwanted. I just done want to be here anymore. I hate being old and ugly. All I have to offer a man is burdens. Online dating doesn’t work. There are just no men dumb enough to want me and my children. . I’d be better off dead.

I understand now that it’s obvious I need to end it asap.

end what? what do you want to end

Hey @Lonley4ever,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling so much right now. Yet nothing is written already. I hear your pain, your despair, but ending your life is not a solution, friend.

Please, try to reach out to a crisis line:

You are not alone. Those obstacles you mention, those feelings, are not meant to last.
You matter, your life matters.

Please, stay safe.

Hang in there.

ending your life is not a anser every day someone else is with you so dont feel alone.

Nobody is with me. And I’m more committed now that getting off this damn planet is the best thing. I have nothing to live for and I’m sure as hell not spending 20-30 more years here alone. Fuck this. I’m out.

sorry about that but you have also been helping people so please dont.