I'm so afraid 😨

I thought I could but everything went to bills. It be cool to meet the band but I just really wanted to go to learn whatever it is with mental health.

I’ve been fighting so long with myself just barely having the strength to keep pushing forward. I fought and I fought and im just so exhausted… even got into drugs 3 years ago because the people I had called family in my life that showed love and support to me pushed me away I have love over my own blood.

I experimented drugs, just to to find a temporary peace and balance. Theres nothing more than I crave to find peace so I can stop feeling so numb everyday. I stopped taking drugs not just because of the job I’ve seen what it does to people.

I feel like I walk on a tight rope that never ends. And I’m so suicidal and I’ve never been that way. So much has been bottled up and I just can’t find peace, I can’t. I need peace I want peace ill go the extra mile to look for it.

But I cant… I just want to die I give up on this im hanging on for dear life. It feels like a noose around my neck every day… :sob: it’s gonna be ok solves nothing.
It’s so hard to breathe honestly.


Hey friend,

I know youre hurting.
I know it hurts alot too.
I know it gets better though.
Hang in there.


Hey ImKnowledge!

Megs26 responded to your post live on Twitch today with some words of encouragement and advice!

Here is a link to the video if you’d like to hear their reply for yourself.


I must have been drinking when I write this, I was hoping to go to the heart support event and meet people and learn about overcoming issues in our life. It would be awesome to meet Jake.

Hey @ImKnowledge,

Just checking in on you. How have been doing since your last post?

I hope you managed to get some rest after this breakdown. You are loved and cared for. :hrtlegolove:

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Hello, im just hanging in there.

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