I'm so freaking upset

So my aunt told some kid that my father died, and I got upset, and I have a bad back so I was already in pain, she insulted how i dress, when I was taking my dog out to go outside and I had a PTSD/panic attack which made my voices worse, (I have schizoaffetive disorder) and to make it worse my aunt broke into my house and broke into my room. And yelled at me and lied about what I said.


I’m so sorry this happened to you. Are you saying that your aunt lives in a different house? Her behavior indicates that she has her own mental health issues. It might be necessary to report the break-in to the police. I hope you will discuss the situation with your therapist. I also hope that you will end up in living situation where you don’t have to worry about a crazy aunt.

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Hi Austist,

Seems like you had a rough day, thank you for sharing your experience here. Does writing help you process these events? I know that helps for me, you are always welcome to write more on the wall. It’s unfortunate that these voices affect your life so much, perhaps getting help from a professional can alleviate some of these struggles.

Here for you

Yes, she lives with her mom. Unfortunately her mom and her daughter (my aunt) are both extremely narcissistic.

I have a counseling appointment later on today.

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Yes, the writing helps me immensely, with my emotional mental well being.

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