I'm so frustrated

Hi everybody.

Basically what the title says…

I don’t know if what I’m feeling is just hormones or my meds (long story short I went without my anxiety meds for 2 days). I’ve gone days where I would forget to take my meds and I would be fine, but in the 2 days I hadn’t had them now (I was just now able to start taking it again) I’m just all out of whack.

Yesterday I called to open a case for my maternity leave; I’m due in 8 weeks. I don’t feel like I will go all the way to 40 weeks. I’m getting to where it’s really hard to sleep comfortably, which always has made me moody anyways, on top of not having my meds for 2 days.

I feel like there’s literally no more room in my belly. It’s getting harder to catch my breath again and I’ve been really achey.

My husband has been struggling with his work. He is good at his job but he absolutely hates it. Right now he’s getting his haircut for an interview later today. He has acknowledged that I’ve been picking up a lot of slack around the house and that’s kind of irritating too. I know how it is to hate your job and be totally drained when you’re not working and so I haven’t been pushing the matter, but as I get closer and closer to my due date and continue to be more and more physically uncomfortable I find myself trying to decide if I should continue to be tolerant and pick up all the slack or if I should say something.

…like I said I don’t know if this is just hormones or not being able to take my meds but it’s all coming to a head now and I just really needed to vent. Thanks for reading.


Oh those last weeks of pregnancy I remember well. Sooo uncomfortable, peeing constantly, being tired and raging hormones. I went a week past my due date and that boy was cooked lol. Yes, you’re going thru a lot of hormonal ups and downs right now and it will continue after you give birth for awhile too. Not taking your anxiety meds is probably making things way more intense for you.

I have a pill organizer for all my meds that I leave out where I can see it. I can never remember if I took them or not, so I had to get it lol.

Remember that this is all temporary and almost over. Soon, you’ll have a beautiful little one in your arms to love and cherish. Treat yourself good! Everything you’re going thru will be worth it, trust me :hrtlegolove:

I hope your husband does great at his interview!


Thanks Mystrose.

I have a pill organizer as well because I have to take blood pressure medicine twice a day, my zoloft and my stomach ulcer medicine twice a day. Unfortunately I didn’t just forget to take my Zoloft, I didn’t have any left. I wasn’t able to get my refill in good time due to the clinic being closed for the holidays. I know after today I am considering asking the doctor to up my dose a little.

Throughout the pregnancy so far I think for the most part I’ve been pretty level headed (I think). So this kind of came out of nowhere. And I do expect to have trouble post partum, because every time I go through a major change in life I tend to freak out, to put it simply.

My husband did ask me after his haircut how I have been feeling which I think was pretty coincidental. I told him I’ve been tired but don’t want to go into the other stuff until after his interview because I don’t want that to affect how he does. But I’m glad he asked at least.


“Estrogen and progesterone peak around 32 weeks and your estrogen levels are the highest they will ever be during this trimester—six times higher than before pregnancy”

It’s the hardest time to go thru because you feel like you’re loosing your mind sometimes. You’re not tho, all this is normal and temporary. You’ll nest and make sure the baby’s room is all ready to go, you’ll fuss over what clothes to bring the baby home in and all the details. It’s all normal.

I’m glad you have a supportive husband, let him take care of you. :hrtlegolove:

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Ah, I didn’t know this. That makes sense. I guess I need to keep up with the anxiety meds more closely now, for that reason if nothing else.

We are going to buy a couple more things next weekend which I think will be pretty much everything we wanted to get before she gets here.

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