I'm so numb

I have been dealing with watching my country slowly make it illegal for me a trans person to exist make it illegal for me to have rights as a human to just exist the last 3 days have been so filled with anxiety so filled with dread and fear it has gotten worse since that shit heel of scum decided to shoot and kill 6 fucking kids and now every fuckin republican in power is calling for my death my eradication my inability to protect my self the inability for children like me to have the choice of getting treatment to be their authentic self I really do try to not be political in my posts here but as each day here in the United States passes my existence as human becomes political I’m so anxious and so numb I can hardly leave my house on a good day let alone call my state reps my city reps anyone in power to at all persuade them to care one FUCKING BIT about another human that isent cis that isn’t white and that isent male


I agree, it’s horrible what’s happening now. It’s sadly predictable that the country swings towards liberal ideologies for a while, then drastically in the opposite direction. We’re experiencing a backlash from the progressive and productive Obama years. It’s not as if those who are infatuated with prejudice and ignorance didn’t exist. They just maintained a lower profile until a more compassionate and fair administration embarrassed them into a rage.

The current political climate isn’t especially new. It wasn’t long ago that entire classes of people were legally oppressed, including the Irish, Native Americans, Blacks, Immigrants, those with even the slightest variance in gender identity, and the list goes on.

My hope is that you are able to survive and have supportive, like minded people for company. Like countless previous generations of people who are “different,” you’ll have to be careful. There are and always have been communities within communities, where people who are different can be accepted and comfortable with each other.

I suspect that within five or ten years, the country will again swing towards being more liberal and progressive. I just hope when it does, the Constitution is amended to protect everyone’s rights, not just those of prejudice old white farts and their worshippers.

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Hi Friend,

I want you to know that I see you and I hear you! It is incredibly sad and infuriating. Please know that this is a safe space for you. You are loved and valued.


Hi Derpplup,
thank you so much for reaching out to us again. i feel so sorry to hear all of that, this is heartbreaking in so many
ways. even if i can’t relate to this, i am here to say, you are not alone, we are here for you, we see you and we
will be always here for you, when you need someone.
you are loved and you matter most :purple_heart: feel hugged


From: Who.is

your words hold so much power. They hold the power of others who are hurting with you and those who are affected as you are. I wish I had an answer to all the whys and a solution for this. Your words haven’t fallen on deaf ears and I hope that by sharing you feel that you have allys who support and love you.


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Friend, I am so incredibly sorry for what is happening over in your country, for what is happening in the world but especially over in there with all the shootings and the innocent children being killed. I am also sorry that there are issues regarding the rights of you as a person to be able to live your life as you are, it all seems so wrong and confusing , im not in the least bit surprised that you are angry. Anger will not solve these problems though, they just make you more unhappy and you dont deserve that. I do hope however that at some point in the near future things change for you. We can only hope. Much Love lisa x

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Oh gosh, my dear! Your feelings are 1000% valid, and you have every right to feel this way about all of the craziness around us in the world now. YOU ARE LOVED, AND YOU ARE VALUABLE… My heart goes out to you and anyone whose well-being feels threatened. That is so unfair! Please love yourself extra hard for a few days and tell yourself you are safe to give your mind some peace. And trust that as long as you are authentic and true to the good spirit within you, nothing can ever harm you, and the universe will align in your favor no matter how scary it gets. I am not personally from the US, but I pray and hope for more justice and peace everywhere in the world! I know this message doesn’t make the problem go away, but I hope you can at least feel loved and supported after reading it. Also, please consider some prescriptions for anxiety, I try not to rely on them always … but honestly when “bleep” hits the fan, it really helps to have them around.

I am sending you lots of love and healing, dear <3

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