Im so tired and lonely

i have became so lonely lately. it started when i changed my field of study and i had to change my school too. i lost contact with them. my school is much different so i couldnt find anyone who matches my factors and i dont feel comfortable in this class(been here for more than one moth and i know thats gonna change).
the only thing im comfortable with are top student here but my parents dont care. they dont ask anything and act like it doesnt matter to them how im doing at school and today i found out they dont believe in me.why? they dont believe in me at general but this one is bc i changed my field of study from what they think is better to the one i know im good at.i have no friends irl and dont go out at all. in internet i have some friends but they arent the type i can rely on emotionally. i tried to make new friends but it didnt work.that made me sick of it and i dont really wanna try it again. i feel surrounded without anyone who i can rely on and cares about lonely,depressed and anxious.its just not something i can deal with. for a month i tried to but nothing happened. i know that kind a person im looking for is not easy to find but i need that person i dont think anything else can help me, but i dont have that person so im just confused dk what to do.

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Hi friend,

It really sucks when our own parents don’t support us in what we do or don’t believe in us. It makes things very hard when the people you think that would support you the most, don’t.

There are a lot of successful people out there my friend, who have parents that didn’t believe in them, yet the pushed through anyway. Everyday average people and celebrities alike.

It’s important that when people refuse to believe in us or like what we do, to keep going anyway. Do what makes you happy and what you feel in your heart that you want in life. It’s great that you’re doing well in your class. Your top student! That’s amazing. Sometimes when we have to go to school or work, it’s a place we don’t want to be, but remember that it is temporary! If you continue to do well, eventually you will pass, graduate and be out of there and you will get to show your parents and everyone around you that you did it! Even if they didn’t think you would.

I know people who swapped majors when they were in school and they still did really well! It happens. Sometimes in life we change our minds in what we want to do.

School can be expensive, maybe that’s why your parents hesitated. But if you show them how serious you are, maybe they will have a change of heart. Don’t give up my friend. I know it’s not easy but keep going.

As far as friends, are there places you can go to meet healthy people to spend time with? Are there groups or clubs that you can join to connect with others with similar interests? Reaching out is hard. Maybe you can find a study partner to build a friendship with. You never know. New friendships pop up in the most random places sometimes.

You got this my friend. And along the way if you need a space to reach out to, we are here! Please feel welcome to hang out with us in the heart support streams. and feel free to join us in discord! There is a #realtalk section there where you can talk as well! And find people to connect with.

A lot of my friends are online too. So you’re not alone. It’s nice though. That the internet is there to allow us to build bonds with people. When there was a time that didn’t even exist. Can you imagine? Not having the internet to connect to people? It’s weird to think about.

Sending you lots of love my friend

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