Im so tired of this

i’m not really sure what im typing here. ive been off my prescribed meds for about 3 or 4 days im not realy sure. i basically need them to function but i cant bring myself to take them even though i m deteriorating at a pretty fast rate… i thought this place might be best for me to post, even just to write it down somewhere… its getting harder for me to fucntion but i cant take my meds, i wont let myself… i dont know what to do… i need help to take them but i dont feel comfortable to talk to my my mom being that shedoesnt really undertsand my mental function as much as i wisj she did. if yall could just say something to me or something i might be able to take them agiain i dont know im all muddled and confusde… … i told my closest friend about it and she just doesnt understand what im saying… she asks if im out and i say no and she asks if im supposed to do that and i say no and she says why? and… i dontknow i jsut cant… my brain wont let me… im jsut so tired…


Take your meds. I haven’t been taking mine regularly either latley and it’s been fucking with my head terribly, mind that and my horrible diet. If you don’t take them then that confusion is going to get worse and worse. Mine as well take your meds and not have to suffer.

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Hey @cookiemaster,

You’ll be okay. :heart: I will strongly echo our friend @anon14688970 here: take your meds, because you know you need them to function right now. Set alarms on your phone for the time you need to take them. That way, you’ll have to turn off the alarm and make the rational decision to take them at the moment. If you can, let them at a visible place as well, a place that would make them easily accessible (not in a box or something that would hide them). If you have an agenda or a to-do list, add this task on it every day (if you have to take your meds on a daily basis).

You got this. You’ll be grateful for yourself, for taking care of yourself once you’ll be back on the right track and feeling a little better. :hrtlegolove:

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