I'm sorry fam

I’m guessing this is it… Out of all the I adapts I’ve had in killing myself. I have a good feeling about this. But I didn’t want to leave without telling my parents why. For some reason I couldn’t find the courage to write a suicide note. However I’ve unlocked my pc and left open. I logged to heartsupport and I’ve opened all my posts… I know its unfair what I’m doing but I can’t take it anymore…I would like to thank you guys, I managed to spend my mother’s 50th birthday and my dads 52nd. You didn’t stop me but I thank you for delaying the inevitable

Sis if you reading this please tell my parent I love them and I’m sorry to disappoint. Tell them its not their fault but mine for being weak. Tell your daughter, my niece I love her.

I will be doing the world a favor


Hey @Hoffman,

It doesn’t have to be the end. I imagine that your last post might have shaken a lot of things in you. But, know that it has been read and it doesn’t change the fact that your life matters.

Please reach out to a family member or a crisis line. Your sister, your niece and your parents wouldn’t want to lose you.

This can be overcome, with the right help. We can try to help you find resources, if you’d like to.
Don’t give up on yourself. You matter.

I’m still around for a couple of hours, if you’d like to talk. Nothing that you have shared change the fact that you deserve to live and have the right to exist, @Hoffman.


please, go talk to these people who love you! Go tell them that you’re hurting and need them to hear it.

There is so much love in your post for your parent, for your sister, for your niece. That is at least 3-4 people who need you in their world, 3-4 people who will be hurt to see you go this way.

If you think you’ve tried it all, why not try to talk with them? Tell them face to face what you’re feeling?
do you want to talk to us, tell us what is making you want to end things this way?

As @Wings says, there is more than one way to end an unhappy life - you can change up things in your life and “kill” the unhappiness by being happy, by using your energies in a positive way, to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

Please reach out. You’ve been trying so hard, we’re here to hold your hand through this, friend.



I second everything that has been said, you have found the courage to write this post, now please find the courage to make a phone call so that you can start to make the changes in your life that will make it better, it sound like you have a good family and you have support here, Now you need to believe in yourself. Pick up the phone and and just start talking, nothing is worth ending your life over. You do have courage because we have seen it.


Please Hoffman dont do this. Whatever you face we will be there to help. Just please hold on. Hold on just for a little while longer. We all die eventually it does not have to end like this. We care about you Hoffman and your family does too. Let them know something is wrong. They will help.


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