Im Sorry for existing

No one can help me. I m so close to cutting again and ending up in the hospital again :frowning: I don’t want to deal with my problems anymore


Please don’t. That wont help either. I’m so sorry that you are hurting. Maybe instead you could talk about what’s going on? Just for the sake of writing it out. Writing is a healthy outlet. Let us listen. If you don’t want advice we dont have to give it to you. Could just offer hugs and love. If that’s what you need.

I know its hard dealing with the problems we face, but self harming doesn’t make it better. It may seem like it. But its a unhealthy resolve. I care. DM me if you need a private space to talk.

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Dear @Xanny,

I hope you managed to not hurt yourself since a few hours passed after your message. You don’t deserve to be hurt and I want you to remain safe as much as possible.

We’re here for you. When you feel at the edge of a relapse, then we can do our best altogether to make sure it doesn’t happen. You are not alone friend. This is a difficult battle but you can receive the love and support you need in this process. Cutting and ending in a hospital is not a fatality.

The problems you mentioned are certainly scary and makes you feel that you can’t handle this. It’s not fair for you to have to go through all of this. But we can talk about it and think about concrete solutions. You will find the peace that you need despite all of this.

You have so much strength right inside of you. Maybe you don’t see it yet and that’s okay. It’s only a matter of time before you become aware of this as much as we are right now. I believe in you. Please hang in there. :heart:

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@Xanny my dear friend I am going to start by saying thank you for coming here and trusting us. I know that this was posted a day ago and that my words may look like words online but I mean them. I truly mean the words I say.

As a person who has struggled with this stuff it is even harder watching others go through it. I say that because your not alone and that was how I felt. I see the struggle and just want to be sure you know so many of us care. I wish I could give you a gentle hug and a warm cup of tea/coffee/hot coco and remind you that you arent alone and you arent a burden.

Along those lines I want to know in the moments of the darkest time what do you do. I know easier for me to ask but I have come to realize that if I dont find something to focus on aside from that I can sidetrack myself. It isnt easy but one of my favorite things is s good book or movie. I find things that help get me out of the realm I am in. Perhaps trying that could help you I know it is easier said than done. Some people use meditation as a means to relax the mind and the body. I love music too going for a walk and putting in good music.
Sometimes we just have to find better alternatives that work for us.
I hope some of this helps if not just know that you are cared about and we find you very important.

Hold fast


Pls help that’s all I’m asking


I get that one how can we help you are there things we can do to help. I know I am not a professional but my discord personal message is always open it is under my name Ash and I am on the discord a lot.

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We may not be able to fix your problem, but we can offer encouragement, understanding, support, love and compassion.

We have lots of resources available. Maybe something here can work for you?

How would you like us to help? Do you just need to rant and someone listen? Feel free. Rant away. No judgement here. You’re welcome to come talk in the heart support discord: - If you’re not there already. There is a #realtalk thread you can open up in.

Like Ashe said. We aren’t professionals. We are all friends here. All of us who mutually have struggles and want to link arms and help each other heal and come through the battles we face. We can help you by offering you love and understanding, but you have to help us help you as well.

What do you think could help? <3 Listening.

Also, you should check out “ReWrite” - Either by purchasing one from Amazon or buy requesting a copy if you can’t afford it for whatever reason. It’s a guide and workbook through self harm. It’s an excellent book. :slight_smile:

Request a copy

There is people who can help you m you just go to reach out like you are doing here. please keep fighting . fighting is totally worth it. Its going to be a long battle but it is totally worth the fight .
hold fast