Im sorry for your pain im not a fan of slipknot bu

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I’m sorry for your pain. I’m not a fan of Slipknot but I’m a fan of recovery.
Thanks for the content.
The devil in me is early childhood trauma starting with Mom holding me in as she was in her way to the hospital to have me or Mom putting me on an ironing board to wash my hair and me being angry because I know that I’m on an unstable platform or the people she had in and out of the house and my sisters having their people in and out of the house. Then there’s my older brother who was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 16 and was removed from our house. Then there’s the sexual trauma of being groped by a dude who Mom thought it was okay to let me stay the night at his place and then not Knowing how to talk about it until much later. Then there’s my prison experience and now struggling to find a job and housing and it seems that the world is against me.
Thanks for letting me share, you may pray for me if you do so.


Hi there,

Thank you so much for coming here to share your story. You have quite literally been through it all and you have endured so much. I hope you know that you are not alone through all of this and you are seen and heard. I want to remind you that your past experiences do not define the person that you are. Abuse and incarceration may have happened in your lifetime, but it is not what makes you, you. You are the personification of perseverance as you have tried to navigate life after the fact. Incarceration is a traumatic experience and the aftermath of trying to get back on your feet can be incredibly grueling, and I wish you love and support as you try and find suitable housing and work. I wish it were not such a struggle for people to have a roof over their heads and food to eat, which is essential for survival.
I have not been to church in a while, but I do send you love and prayers. I hope the universe gives you signs that good things are on the horizon and that some of these burdening weights can lighten up in time. Sending you immense love and support.


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hey friend, thank you for being here and sharing your story. you’ve endured and conquered so much in your life. i wish job searches and housing was easier for people who are ready to continue their life after incarceration. the world does not make it easy so your frustrations are seen and heard. taking advantage of re-entry programs in your respective country i hope can be beneficial to you and provide any ease to your life! you will be in my thoughts and hope to hear from you again on how you’re doing!

I can completely relate to you not wanting to be defined by your past. It can be so frustrating when you aren’t given a fair chance because someone doesn’t want to see beyond mistakes made, especially those that stem from deep-seated trauma that you didn’t deserve. I can’t relate to what you’ve been through, but I have 3 daughters, and I would not think twice about doing anything to protect them. I am so deeply sorry that you didn’t have that protection as you were growing up. That is completely on those that were tasked to ensure you were always protected. You did not deserve anything that you went through. It can be disheartening to be doing everything that you are to be better, despite all you’ve been through and i stand and applaud you for being a fighter. I know many that are dealing with exactly what you are going through, trying to have people see you beyond your past and it angers me. I will be praying for you daily and i know that I will soon get to hear you telling us that you were able to accomplish all you set out to. The fact that you are still here and still trying to make things better for yourself let’s me know that you will no doubt be victorious in all that you set out to do. Don’t give up, you’ve got this and we are cheering for you.

With love,


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