Im sorry; i am not the best version of me

I’m sorry i havent been my best . im sorry.
I hate this feeling of feeling alone , feeling like a burden , feeling like everyone just hates me .
I’m done feeling like im an easy target. I feel like i want to give up but i know this feeling is not permanent . But why…
I recently had to talk to someone , and they asked me stuff and it just made me feel like complete crap because i am or wasnt against anyone at all and they’ve felt like i was . (which i wasnt). If your that person reading this im sorry . i was never hating you …
Anyways , after the messaging back and fourth i asked for space because i felt like i was even hurting myself mentally because of what was happening. Today was one of those days where I had trouble eating dinner . i could barely finish my dinner. I Feel like i should just give up because probably rather now or later someone will be out to get me because i’ve said or done something i probably didnt mean or didnt do. I wish i didnt feel alone , i wish i didnt feel like everybody hated me , and i wish i didnt feel like a piece of garbage. im sorry.

You are allowed to take days off. You are allowed to be fallible. You are allowed to be human. Sometimes you need to be human and that’s ok. I don’t hate you.

thanks … sometimes it i will have hard days but i know it will be okay