I'm sorry to everyone that reads this

I just want to die. There’s nothing here for me to stay and I don’t want one. I just want to die. I’ve tried pills, handing myself, and cutting. No, me still being here doesn’t mean anything. I just want to die. I don’t want any of this life. I just want to die. This life isn’t worth living and it never was. I just want to die soon. Please.

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Life is hard I know, but you have to keep fighting,better days will come :raised_hands: So please dont go​:raised_hands: you are important and you matter, it get better​:raised_hands: Take care :raised_hands:

I feel you man

A couple day’s ago I felt the same way, it hard as fuck to deal with those thoughts. I know it not going get rid of feeling, but you life is worth living. It just chemicals in your brain that messing you.

It worst feeling to how, but it will pass. Don’t stop fighting, it will be worth it.