I'm struggling guys with loneliness

Hi guys all few weeks ago i posted a topic called transformation from depths of darkness some of you showed support i appreciate. No one reached out to me. I really hope people you are all ok. My story is very deep disheartening to read the pain i had to endure. It may bring back painful memories. I get it people are afraid to share their pains. I realised i needed to share my pain that’s why i reached out for professional help told the therapist about the abuse as well as what followed after i was not expecting to go through. That caught me off guard. My story is on medium in detail the same topic name as the one transformation from depths medium type in google. I also recently started insta. I really hope you guys reach out to me send me personal message about my story and how it relates to your own.


I’m not really sure this is the place to advertise.

Have you actually looked around on this forum and read our stories? Everyone here shares their pains and everything else in their minds and hearts. No one is afraid. Take some time and get to know us.


Hi there @Blisnes1,

Your post has been seen and read - I and others had a conversation with you. However, this place is shared with many other members who’s story is as much important as yours. We truly appreciate your trust here and your willigness to share your story. Just know that there is a natural process of new topics appearing, and others giving a new space to them.

As for your willingness to receive personal messages to connect with people, I have to warn you that we do not promote private conversations about mental health topics in this community. There are places - the forum and the Discord server - that have been implemented and are constantly improved in order to make sure that people can rely on the community rather than one or two individuals. If you look for a peer-to-peer support, I would recommend you to eventually look at different communities specialized on that type of help!

All in all, your topic has been read and once again it means a lot that you trust us with your personal story. There is no need to promote it more than necessary or share your social IDs here. (I edited that part from your post). Thank you in advance for understanding. :hrtlegolove:

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From: twixremix (Discord)

hi blisnes! i hope the responses before mine helped you out. we hear you, we see you, and we stand by you through anything you’re facing. we got your back! it’s healthy to let out our pain and frustration. so many brave people share their own stories publicly on this forum so people like us feel less alone. it’s an awesome resource and i’m so glad you’re here! we’re here for you always. love, twix


From: Lisalovesfeathers (Discord)

Hey Thanks for posting again, welcome back to HeartSupport, I am pleased that you felt you could post a second time and I hope that we can bring you some comfort and support in this way. I am dreadfully sorry that you have been through abuse but glad that you feel that you can share that both with a therapist and the community here. You are a valued member of the community and very important to us here and I hope you continue to visit with us and get what you need from us. Much Love Lisa


From: eloquentpetrichor (Discord)

Hello, Blisnes1! I did not see your previous post but I see this one. We are all here for you and for everyone else on the forum. I promise you are seen and cared for by other members of the community. We are all here sharing our pain and our struggles and looking to know we are not alone in this journey called life. I’m not sure what specifically you are hoping to get from the forum but I promise that there is support and kindness and love and understanding from so many members just waiting to be shared with you and with everyone who posts. Please help us understand your struggles as best as you can and let the community show its full power in the responses you receive. We all want to help as much as we can. That’s what a community is, especially this one. A group of people coming together to keep each other moving forward so that we can all succeed as best we can in life. Please keep sharing, friend, you are seen and you matter :hrtLegoLove


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