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Im struggling , why am i not normal

Why the hell am i not normal . Why the hell am i the way i am. I feel like i know the answer but it beat me up today because im “different”. I broke down in my Intro to teaching prof and walked out to go calm down because i was so furious and upset at myself because i learn at a different pace. I hate how i feel different then my classmates . How they understand different from me . some things were easy for me but i just feel like today isnt one of those days for me. I hate how i cant understand stuff . It sucks that im struggling rightnow but i really dont want to beat myself up for it .
For those who dont know throughout grades k-12 i was always an ESE kid , i have extra help because i learn at a different pace then i did with others/ i had support facilitators come help me.
Im just clueless on why my brain just doesnt understand that im at onlevel class. I dont want to give my passion up . But at this point i dont know what to do.

I suffered similarly in school I was diagnosed with dyslexia in third grade and had other issues with learning. But I preserved I went from barely being able to read a basic chapter book to finishing a 900 paged book in a week, If I can do that then surly you can overcome your struggles too I believe in you.