Im struggling with anxiety while skating

Today, start out rough, my gandmother had to be taken by the amublance, however she is doing okay and it was not any thing too serious. So after visting her, I decide I would skateboard in the boston park. I havent been to that park for whole summer. My anxiety get kick up when im there. When I was younger, I was pick on from I first skated, kid would call me poser and I was easy to push around. Till this day I still feel people think of as poser, even thou most of them dont think me like that.

It also a bummer , im getting older and my ankle have gotten weak from skating. So I cant do the trick that i could do anymore. Im too much whimp to do down rails, which I can still mostly do, but I just get nerous of breaking bones and not be able to do anything.

Overall, I want try to skateboarding more fun again, instead making that would stress out. I dont want to stop, but I want to feel like when first fell in love with it.

Hi Seimiccoyne,

first off i’m happy for you that your grandmother is fine !

Myself, i struggle with anxiety (performance and social), so I definitely can understand how you feel. But understand that things can go better. I personally think that you show some courage to go to this park since you got bullied there in the past. By the way don’t forget that it was in the past, so don’t let these thoughts affect you. I understand that it is easy for me to say that, but it will help in your situation. Also, I don’t know how old you are, but at some point you learn to worry a bit less about what other people think. If skating makes you happy forget what others think. You don’t have anything to prove to no one, especially people that don’t know you or just want to hurt you. Just have fun skating, you don’t have to be a pro or anything. Skate and simply chill.

By the way, it’s also possible that you simply don’t have the same enjoyment that you had in the past with skating. We all change with time and our passions also. I used to be a huge fan of video games, but my interest dropped in the years. But I found other hobbies; bike, gym and martial arts. So if you don’t have the same fun skating don’t worry about it. Take your time to explore new activities and stay patient.

Hope you feel a bit of peace with my message and that you could understand me since english is not my first language :slight_smile:.

Feel free to reply if you need help or simply want to talk a bit more about it

Stay strong !!!

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In my experience, everyone is a poser. It’s like, “oh, you don’t commit to this stereotype/social construct? POSER.” It’s ridiculous, and the people calling people posers are insecure themselves and the only way they feel like less of an imposter is to put the attention on you. Release the control you give them over your self worth and you’ll be free - I know easier said than done. But skating is about freedom and enjoying life. Who cares if you can’t/don’t feel comfortable doing the same things you used to? What matters is the joy it brings you. That, no one can take away.

Hi friend. I’m sorry that people put it in your mind that you are a poser. You know what? You should do what you love! Sure, when we haven’t done something in a while, we fall out of practice and it doesn’t feel the same…BUT…if you want to reconnect to your skateboarding, you should do it! Don’t let your mind cloud your thoughts with negative things about yourself. You are not a poser. You are doing what you enjoy and what makes you happy. You are allowed to do the things that bring you happiness in life. So if that’s what you want to do, you do it! And feel free while doing so.

If you mess up while doing it, dust off and try again. The more you do it, the more you will find yourself reconnecting to it the way you used to. If you have an iPod or a phone that you can play music on while you skate, do that. Fill yourself with whatever music that will get you in the flow.

I’m glad that your grandmother is okay. Sorry to hear she had to be taken in an ambulance. That’s scary.

Anyway, go wherever you can to find comfort with your skateboarding. Whether it’s a park, an empty parking lot, your neighborhood. But don’t tell yourself that you’re a poser. You’re not (:

Be free. Be you. Be happy.
Skate on my friend

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