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I'm struggling with mental health right now

I need help, im not sure what to do I want to talk about the things there’s so much, but the major things. I’m jobless, I might be evicted next month or the month after it would be a first time in my life but my job screwed me over and I did so much for them. They let me go

I’m struggling so much because I won’t be able to pay rent this month for November, I struggle that I really want to live and I keep repeating this over and over because nothing gets any better in this life for me at least. I’m honest and too open about this. I can’t deal with the horrible luck I have ita been years

I use to live with a pastor he took me from a broken home when I had turned 18 before im 25 now, and by the time I was 21 I couldn’t live with them and I ended up with the wrong people and resorted to drinking and drugs

To this day thats all I think I want to do because I am so fed up with this life, being neglected and abused since I could remember as a kid, til I was 18 there was a glimpse of hope and freedom even peace but when I left that place if comfort and love living with a pastor I just felt so devastated, and awful memories that haunt me to this day which makes me feel like I really just want to end my life but

I always try to see the bigger picture will it ever get better it has to be, I keep trying to believe this but it’s rock bottom for the past 4 years. There so much hurt and pain I hold onto that I carry so much burdens everyday and I feel so alone. I feel like I’ve completely lost it.

I need help and I’m not sure how to seek it


I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been going through this, friend. The first thing I’d recommend doing is finding a therapist or counselor. If you go looking online I’m sure you’ll find one for you and there are a lot of programs that can help pay for it, if you can’t afford it or don’t have insurance/no coverage for it. You just have to do some searching. They can help you through your emotions, work through past memories, and even offer some guidance for just life in general. Getting help isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. It’s so good that you always try to see the bigger picture of everything, that’s so important and you should definitely hold on to that. Another thing I’d recommend doing is getting back in touch with the pastor who took you in if you guys lost contact. If you still have contact with him, confide in him if that’s something you feel comfortable doing. Never be afraid or nervous to post on this wall if you ever need advice or support, there’s always someone here. Remember that everything is temporary and this part of your life will pass eventually. You’re not alone. Hold fast. :heart:

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